Protesters Set Alkalo’s House On Fire

Kairo News has just been informed that the protesting Faraba Banta youths have not now resorted to attacking anyone who sympathises or supports Julakay Engineering and Construction Company sand mining. The angry youths are reported to be identifying and setting fire to the homes of Julakay sympathisers and supporters. They have already reportedly vandalised and set fire to the home of the Kombo East village alkalo’s home this afternoon.

Many people, who fear the consequences of the youths’ actions, have called on the government to quickly restore order in a village that has no previous history of rebellion to the state. One irate Faraba Banta youth outrightly asks “why would few of our elders create the Julakay mess that has now taken a toll on our two youths.” This is enough clue that the protesting youths are ready to take on Julakay supporters.

Faraba Banta’s sand mining altercation is similar to that of Kartong where youths clashed with the Jammeh government, resulting to the arrest and detention of more than two dozen people in the Kombo South coastal village. Youths of Gunjur are also standing trial for uprooting the pipes of Golden Lead fishing company, accusing it of causing environmental destruction and pollution.

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