‘You Can’t Transfer Indicted Officers’

The Director General Immigration doesn’t know that government officers that have been incted for official misconduct do not qualify for transfer or posting. This development comes in the wake of Buba Sagnia’s approval of at least 57 immigration officers for transfer. The list includes officers indicted for conniving to defraud the state. Mr. Sagnia issued transfer notice on Thursday without consulting his immediate deputy Seedy Touray or other senior management personnel not in his (Buba’s) good book.

One of Mr. Sagnia’s junior officers sounded the bell that the Immigration chief erred for including officers indicted for corruption on the transfer notice. SICO (Seargeant) B. Njie, who spotted out the blunder before end of business, pointed out to Mr. Sagnia that publishing the transfer of indicted officers – Inspector Sarjo Saine and Omar Ceesay – is a serious error.

Mr. Sagnia then rescinded the transfer of indicted officers – Commissioners Omar Badgie and Samboujang Badgie, Superintendent Momomodou Jammeh, Chief Superintendent Sulayman Colley, Inspector Sarjo Saine and Omar Ceesay – who have since been sitting at home. They will be without portfolios until due process is complete.

It could be recalled that immigration officers at seaport stole D602,000, pocket some and gave out the remaining balance to their colleagues at the headquarters in Banjul and shipping agency officers. Investigations by different state security agencies have established the veracity of theft story. Indicted immigration officers are expected to have their debut in court soon.


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