‘Darkness Devils My Son’s Life’

Isatou, widow of political actist Kanyiba Kanyi

Darkness bedevils my son’s life. He is born in darkness, grows up in darkness and lives in darkness.

The above is the pathetic quotation of Isatou Kanyi, the widow of Kanyiba Kanyi [real name Lamin] who was abducted at his home in Bonto in October 2006. The opposition activist was murdered in cold-blood. His family was neither informed nor given his remains. His secret burial site was not known to the family either.

“I was three months pregnant with my son when his father was abducted at his home,” Isatou told political and social activist Lamin Touray of Brikama in West Coast Region.

“My son Abdul Salam is now 11 years old and in grade 5. He has no helper other than her struggling mother. Until last year Abdul Salam knew nothing about his father’s whereabouts. But life after prayer session that was held for his father last year revealed the secret to him. Life was never the same for Abdul Salam after people gathered here in Bonto to offer prayers for my husband whose remains were never seen. After knowing the reality, Abdul Salam would frequently come to me bursting with tears, asking why he is not like other kids who enjoy the comfort of their fathers. He had wished his father was alive to be there for him.”

Being the only Apple of her eye, Isatou would do anything to put smile on Abdul Salam’s face. The widow is the soul provider of her son. But due to limited income, she struggles to cater for her son which is why she is appealing to philanthropic individuals and organisations to support Abdul Salam realise his educational goals.

“I will be more than grateful to see my son realise his educational dreams. That is the only way the darkness that bedevils his life will be replaced with light,” Isatou Kanyi somberly stated.

Those willing to help Abdul Salam and her struggling mother can contact Lamin Touray on +220-777-7052 or +220-676-7052.M

The celebrated author Mark Twain rightly puts it that “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Let’s be kind to everyone, especially orphans and their devastated mothers.


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