Jammeh’s Tears Still Dropping!

Former Gambian President is no doubt living a quiet life in Equatorial Guinea, fearing whether that country’s President will hand him over for criminal prosecution. Yahya Jammeh cannot live in peace when his victims and their families are left in pieces, struggling to make sense out of the monster government’s nonsensical acts of cold-blooded murders, enforced disappearances and tortures. The Gambia is a bleeding nation, a nation where every community is trying to heal the dictator’s wounds. Most people think his exiling might allow victims to breathe the air of peace. Yes, Gambians under President Adama Barrow are breathing peace. But not every one does, especially those with lingering unanswered questions about who killed their loved ones, how and why. The list of victims grows by the day, yet the only saviour Truth Commission has had its future riddled in uncertainty.

This is why we are hearing the cries of victims and activists. Time is an enemy of progress in this case since it takes great toll on memory. The more time is wasted, the more those with memory of events forget. The 13-year-old Brikama-ba student could not identify her rapist paramilitary officer due to late identification parade. This case added fire to an already tense climate resulting to the killing of more than a dozen students during April 10 and 11 student protest.

Gambians have waited long enough for justice to arrive, which is why they are running out of patience. Even a delay of justice by an hour is unacceptable. The government needs to speed up and set the Truth Commission ball rolling. People need closure to get to the last phase of the healing process. Unless closure takes place, Yahya Jammeh’s tears will continue to drop on our cheeks. Besides, the Truth Commission will tell us who did what, how and why. Its recommendations will serve as guidance.


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