‘Political Parties Are Part Of The TRRC Process’

By Abdoulie John

As political parties supporters are busy exacerbating tribal polorisation, the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparation Commission (TRRC) Exevutive Secretary has reiterated his resolve to take an inclusive approach in dealing with the daunting task that lies ahead.

“Political parties are part of the process. We are going to involve them,” Dr.Baba Galleh Jallow, told reporters on Tuesday as he takes part in the 15th Policy Dialogue Series organised by TANGO, the umbrella body of civil society organisations in The Gambia.

Over these past days, Gambian political landscape has been hit by the rhetoric of hate, engineered by supporters of political parties and so-called caste system defenders. A situation that prompted many people to not only condemn the act, but also call on Gambians to free themselves from the evil spirits that have ruined many nations.

The TRRC Executive Secretary made it clear that they will make sure that even if poltical parties are not involved, they are going to get them involved.

“They should have been here. They are part of the process,” Jallow reiterated, unveiling plans to work with a prominent civil society group Gambia Kling ( One Gambia) to hold a forum with political parties on the theme “What unites us?”

“We have commitment from international partners to fund that forum,” he said.

A ten-point resolution adopted at the end of the 15th policy dialogue series re-echoed CSOs’ commitment “to promote inclusiveness and popular engagement in order to ensure that all stakeholders
are involved in the transitional justice process and in particular in the work of the TRRC.”

Participants also vowed to “raise the awareness of the general public to better understand the nature, scope and objectives of transitional justice in order to obtain active popular participation.”


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