Jammeh’s Maid Gets No Charges

By Abdoulie John

Former Gambian Presidents maid who flew to the country has been released on bail after a thorough investigation by the police. Isatou Jammeh, who accompanied Yahya Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea in January 2017, is yet to be slapped Isatou with charges.

Isatou Jammeh, who is among the longest-serving staff of the Jammeh family, flew to the Gambia in the early hours of Sunday. The Deputy Police spokesperson Foday J. Conta told this reporter that Isatou was taken for questioning upon arrival at the Banjul at the international airport.

Conta further stated that the police could not allow her to go through an expedited security screening, although investigators needed to know why she opted to return back to the Gambia.

Yahya Jammeh ruled the Gambia with the iron fist for over two decades only to be defeated by Adama Barrow in December 2016 presidential election. The disgraced leader at first conceded defeat but later ate his words and plunged the country into a stand-off that prompted regional troops to enter into the country to allow the will of people to prevail. Jammeh has since been living in Equatoria Guinea, with his close aides returning to the country in turns.


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