May 12 Candidate List Dwindled

The list of May 12 aspirants has dwindled to 40 after the disqualification of the APRC candidate and withdrawal of an independent candidate. The Independent Electoral Commission has confirmed disqualification of Pa Amadou Suso in Upper River Region chairperson race. The Commission also accepted the withdrawal of Fatim Sarr from the Kanifing Municipal Council mayoral election.

The Returning Officer of the Basse Administrative Area explained the reasons for Suso’s disqualification which followed a complaint lodged by the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC).

“In accordance with Section 49 of the Elections act, the independent electoral Commission has rejected the nomination of Mr. Pa Amadou Suso as a candidate for election to the position of Chairperson under the APRC ticket for the Base Area Council,” Pa Makan Khan said in a press statement.

Mr. Suso’s conviction on forgery was enough reason to knock him out of the race. This is in tandem with section 17 of the Local Government Act.

The expulsion of Suso narrowed down the URR race to a three-man contest. In the ring are Ansu TS Sonko, Foday Danjo and Pateh M Baldeh, candidates of PDOIS, UDP and GDC, respectively.

Suso’s disqualification has angered APRC supporters who blamed GDC officials for spearheading the move. The party’s caretaker Spokesperson Mr. Seedy SK Njie said Suso’s case has been appealed.

The withdrawal of Fatima Sarr has also cut down the KMC mayoral candidates to 10. In the race for the municipality’s mayoral seat are: Adama Bah, PDOIS; Talib Ahmed Bensouda, UDP; Ousman Rambo Jatta (APRC); Pa Giri Gara Njie GDC and independent candidates Bakary Badgie, Modou Jenkins, Mohamadou Papa Njie, Assan Martin, Francis Gomez and Bubacarr Senghore.

The race in Banjul is also tight, with 9 candidates having their nomination papers accepted. The city’s mayoral contestants are Abdoulie Saine (APRC), Pa Musa Ndiaya (GDC) and Rohey Lowe (UDP). Five independent candidates — Alhagie Jah, Paul Bass, Ebou Faye, Adama Samba, Lizzi Ensoun and Abdoulie Bah — are also in the ring.

Despite being the second largest voter population region, 5 have had their nomination papers accepted. The chairmanship candidates are Saibo Sanneh (APRC), Fansu Sanneh (GDC), Sheriffo Sonko (UDP). Two independent candidates – Lamin Jamba Jammeh and Alpha Ousman Jallow – are also bracing up for the May 12 bout.

Four candidates: Abdoulie G Dibba (PDOIS), Ngui Secka (NRP), Malamin IL Bojang (UDP) and Abdoulie Jallow GDC are contesting in Kerewan Area Council chairperson seat.

In Kuntaur Area Council, Morro B Jorbarteh (UDP), Mustapha Jobe (NRP) and Saikou Jawara (GDC) are vying for chairperson seat.

Four candidates are contesting for Janjangbureh Area Council. They are Alhagie Samba Mbye (PDOIS), Malang Saibo Camara (GDC) and Janko Sanneh (UDP).

Mansa Konko Area Council where Landing Sanneh of UDP and Foday Lang Sarr of GDC have had their nomination papers accepted has the least number of contestants.


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