Police Denies ‘Politically Motivated Arrests’

By Abdoulie John

The Gambia Police Force has denied reports of effecting politically motivated arrests.

Police Spokesman, David Kujabi, said the arrest of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) members in Jimara is connected to the individuals’ offense and not a political party.

“Why should we go after people if they have not committed a crime?” he asked? Kujabi told this reporter that police arrests have nothing to do with political parties.

Police on Sunday arrested the GDC Member of Parliament for Jimara, Hon.Alhagie Sowe, along with Julangel Ward Councilor, Ebrima Manneh, and two village heads. The men, who were subsequently released on bail, have been ordered to report to Basse Police Station on Monday.

“GDC is a political party. If members of the GDC are arrested, they will surely call it politically motivated,” he said, insisting that the suspects’ arrests have nothing to do with their membership of a political party.

In a Facebook posting, GDC National Mobiliser relayed the arrest of the son of Alkalo of Temanto village by Police Intervention Unit officers. MC Cham Jnr added that his brother has been asked to report to the police today. He fell short of providing reasons for the arrest.


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