Another Good Night For UDP

It has been yet another victory night for the United Democratic Party (UDP) which emerged victorious in this year’s local government elections. Although all the results are yet to be tabulated, it is however believed that the party of yellow won 62 of the 120 wards. The UDP fielded in 113 candidates. The party’s victory margin represents more than 50 percent of the wards, which is a repeat of the national assembly elections last year when the party won 31 seats.

Based on the counted results, the UDP swept the polls in almost all the seven regions in the country. It had won 5 out of Banjul’s 9 wards, clinched 12 of the Kanifing Municipal Council’s 19 wards, including Serekunda East, West and Bakau. The former ruling Alliance for Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) and People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) won 4 and 3 seats, respectively. Both PDOIS and People’s Progressive Party each won a seat in Banjul where 2 independents emerged victorious. The UDP performed well in West Coast, Lower River Region, North Bank, Central River and Upper River Regions. The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) won 2 wards in Jarra and Kiang. The party also excelled in Catamina and Dankunku. The Gambia Moral Congress clinched a ward in URR. The National Reconciliation Party won 5 seats mainly in CRR. The NCP and GPDP both failed to win a single seat.

The local government elections were generally conducted in peaceful atmosphere, although post-electoral violence was reported in Somita in Foni where APRC supporters reportedly pelted stones at UDP supporters in Sawo Kunda. One boy was reported to have sustained head injuries. Police Intervention Unit officers were sent to the village to calm down the situation.

The local government election is the second organised by the Coalition government in a post-Jammeh Gambia. Gambians return to the polls on May 12 to elect Mayors and Area Council Chairpersons.

Jubilant UDP supporters filled the streets to celebrate their party’s victory. Party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe too join the celebration.

Official Results

UDP 62 seats
GDC 23 seats
APRC 18 seats
NRP 5 seats
PDOIS 7 seats
GMC 1 seats
PPP 1 seat
GDPD 0 seats
NCP 0 seats

Total 120 seats!


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