Woman Robbed At Gunpoint Speaks

By Abdoulie John

The woman who was robbed at gunpoint has spoken about an incident that has left many residents of Manjai Kunda speechless.

Awa Jallow, a 23-year-old forex bureau agent was last Wednesday held at gun point by an assailant who emptied the safe. The criminal went away with D7,000.

Awa Jallow told our reporter that it all started on Wednesday when she had forgotten to lock the front office door. She said fear and anxiety touched every piece of her mind when the armed robber stood in front of her. Jallow at first thought being defiant to the criminals demand to hand over the safe would have paid off. “When he pulled out his pistol, there was no other option than to comply,” she said. And to make matters worse, Awa could not identify the man who wore masked and parked his motorbike in such a way that the number plate cannot not be seen through from inside.

“He got away with my mobile, laptop and data card after asking me to go lie down in the second office,” she recalled, appealing to Gambian authorities to ensure that security prevails in the country. “Without security there can be no development, and vice versa.”

This latest armed robbery, which took place in broad daylight, is the latest of series of incidents that took place in the country in recent past. The spate of crime rates seems to be in contrast with a recent police report that “the crime rate in the country is not in the increase.”

The scene of the Manjai Kunda incident lies a few blocks from the United Democratic Party headquarters. It also adjacent to a restaurant and the road leading to Kotu Police station.

Police at Manjai Kunda Police Station have been investigation into matter. So far, no arrest has been made.confirmed that the matter was reported there, and investigation is going on.


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