Is TRCC Deviating Its Mandate?

I agree with Kemo Kinteh that we should go after criminals who committed heinous crimes instead of wasting taxpayer’s money on the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Committee (TRRC). The TRRC is not a civil organization designed for political, ethnic or religious awareness/sensitization as you rightly indicated. It was designed to find facts about human rights violations just like the Janneh Commission that is looking into financial crimes of Dictator Jammeh and his cronies. The job is not so difficult as Dr. Jallow seems to portray or imply in his write-up. The whole idea of TRCC is sham because perpetrators, in my view, would never take any responsibility while dishonest citizens will use this commission as a means to gain financial settlements from the government or at least claim being victimized by the former President who they help entrenched in power. At the end of the day, the TRRC will result to usual Gambian Masalaha (compromise). We should go after criminals as it is currently happening in the case of Solo Sandeng.

I think you are right that Dr. Jallow is also strengthening is mandate when he claimed to be working with Tango and other civil society organizations. His main job is to work with victims so as to establish truth about crimes committed. Tango or other civil organizations have no business with this commission other than to politicize it or make it their business as civil awareness or human rights organization. Dr Jallow need to focus on victims and his mandate. Tango is a useless organization which has been silenced during 22 years of dictatorship and for them to become sudden champion or defender of human rights in The Gambia is insulting to intelligent of Gambian people. The members of this organization has no regard for human rights and they working hard to hijack our new democracy dispensation.



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  1. Kinteh (kemo)

    Deviating from the strict legislation that set up the TRRC would be unlawful and stands to discredit the whole exercise of reckoning 22 years of terror. The letter of the TRRC law is premised on jammeh terror reckoning and not an upon end sprawling all-encompassing examination of the Gambian society.

    Furthermore, the cost of maintaining such an extended exercise, beyond the guidelines set out in the enacted law, would be a huge burden on the country and clearly misuse of public funds and resources.

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