More Diplomats Storm Gambia

The election of President Adama Barrow has turned Banjul into a flurry of diplomatic activities as diplomats continue to present their letters of credentials to the Gambian leader. The latest diplomats to present their letters were Shigero Omori of Japan, Binta Kane–Cisse of Mali, Dr Mathias Harebamungu of Rwanda and Daniel Antonio Rosaall of Angola.

At a ceremony at State House on Wednesday, the four diplomats expressed their governments’ desire to strengthen bilateral ties with The Gambia. They also delivered messages of solidarity and brotherhood to President Barrow and congratulated Gambian leader on his accession to the presidency.

According to State House press statement, the ambassadors expressed “commitment to further strengthen ties with The Gambia beyond the diplomatic front to other areas of development. These include youth empowerment, agriculture, trade, tourism, security, information technology, governance, fisheries and petroleum.”

President Barrow accepted letters of the ambassadors. He thanked their respective heads of state for providing support during the political impasse in The Gambia. President Barrow expressed “willingness to build on the cordial relations that exist between The Gambia and Japan, Mali, Rwanda and Angola respectively.” Gambian President believed that political will of African leaders could make African integration a reality.

Besides presenting his credentials, Japanese Ambassador said his government was prepared to support The Gambia. Apart from D110 million worth of rice, Japan is committed to giving the West African country $2.5 million for youth participation in agriculture and empowerment through the International Labour Organisation in partnership with the International Organisation on Migration.

Ambassador Shigeru Omori and Foreign Affairs Minister, Honourable Ousainou Darboe signed the cooperation agreement.

In attendance at the ceremony were Fisheries Minister, James Gomez, Finance Minister, Amadou Sanneh, Secretary General Habib Drammeh and Permanent Secretary, Foreign Affairs, Ebrima Camara.


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