Deported Buba’s Family Consider Moving To Gambia

Buba and Katrina Jabbi. Image courtesy: GoFundMe

The family of the deported Gambian will move to the Gambia to be together if they run out of options. Buba Jabbi, who resides in Wisconsin Rapids in the United States, deported to the Gambia last Tuesday.

For more details read the story below:

Wisconsin Rapids man deported to Gambia

By Michael Leischner

A Wisconsin Rapids man has been deported to West Africa three weeks after being detained during his annual immigration checkup in Milwaukee.

USA Today Wisconsin reports that Buba Jabbi was flown to his native country The Gambia on Tuesday.

Jabbi entered the US on a travel Visa in 1995 with the intent of taking in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. After accidentally overstaying his Visa he filed for an extension, however that was filed incorrectly, as he was placed into deportation proceedings. That process was further complicated because his home country couldn’t provide appropriate documents, so he was placed under orders of supervision.

His wife Katrina says as part of those orders he was to do an annual checkup with immigration to receive work authorization, which had done faithfully for ten years. During his latest checkup in Milwaukee he was detained and told that he would be deported. She says her family has exhausted most legal options. They may still file a 601 waiver which would argue that their family would suffer extreme hardship because of the move, but if that doesn’t work she says her family will move to Gambia to be together.

Katrina tells USA Today Wisconsin that she does not want her children growing up without a father and she will not be apart from her husband.

Buba and Katrina have been married for four years and have two children together, with a third on the way this fall. The couple has been living in Wisconsin Rapids since 2016. Buba has been working as a truck driver.



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