Let’s Build Bridges, Not Walls

The Agency for the Promotion of Global Peace and Religious Tolerance wishes to congratulate and extend gratitude to all Gambians for keeping the peace during the past year which saw the installation of a new government and return to normal life in the Gambia.

The Agency wants all Gambians to jealousy guard the Freedom and Peace they have so far attained. This means remaining tolerant, love and trust one another and build bridges instead of walls. What unites Gambians is far more than what divides them.

As Gambians ride with their new found Democracy, the agency expects them to resolve on finding Genuine Peace – the kind that enables a nation to grow and to build a better life for all her children. The Gambia needs Peace that heals her citizens. There cannot be guaranteed Peace anywhere without Justice and Reconciliation, which is why Gambians should give the Truth, Reconciliation, Reparation and Commission the support it deserves. The success or failure of the Commission will boomerang on a society that is in tatters. Majority of Gambians have understood the dangers posed by a post-conflict situation, which makes post-conflict management challenging.

The Agency expects Gambians to settle their political, religious or tribal differences and sharpen their tools for nation building. As such they must guard their tongues and hands from making inflammatory speeches or writings. The whole world wants to support our country to recover from two decades of destruction, but without Peace and Stability, there cannot be any room for meaningful development. We must be willing to work for peace in the hearts and minds our people.

Let’s all do our little bit of good that puts a nation together. The Agency calls on everyone, particularly religious leaders to preach peace, citizens obey the laws and respect elders. We applaud the Coalition government for being Transparent, guarantee Freedom and Peace.

Background information
Agency for the Promotion of Global Peace and Religious Tolerance is a Gambia-based development-oriented charity organisation that promotes interfaith dialogue, religious tolerance and universal peace.

Sheikh Sheriff Mameena Hydara, Executive Director


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