Lawyer Darboe Deserves Better!

I am flabbergasted by the silly and childish accusation directed by Billingar Maccarthy against the foreign minister Honourable Ousainou Darboe. In his post on the Freedom newspaper Billingar Maccarthy blamed Ousainou Darboe for Gambia’s unsuccessful bid for the Presidency of ECOWAS because he (Ousainou Darboe) doesn’t speak French. That is a blatant lie and the highest form of distortion and character assassination. How can any sensible Gambian accept blatant half-truths, lies and distortion of facts from such individuals like Billingar Maccarthy? There is no iota of truth in the whole article he wrote against Mr Darboe. I get sick to the stomach upon hearing such lies being directed against such a hard working foreign minister. The level of hatred against Ousainaou Darboe has no boundary and unfortunately, some people will go to the length of sacrificing their own dignity and integrity to see Ousianou Darboe being embarrassed. Ousainou Darboe doesn’t deserve this. He deserves better. You can hate the man because you don´t need to like or love him, but why can’t you br man enough to speak the truth about him. Darboe has done a lot for the Gambia and the Gambian people and he is still more than ready to do even more for his motherland. The Gambia’s reputation around the world has been restored thanks to the diplomatic efforts of Mr. Darboe and his ministry. The fact that Darboe doesn’t speak French has nothing whatsoever to do with the failed the Gambia’s failed ECOWAS Presidency bid. This is a known fact but some are hell-bent on giving Darboe the blame which he doesn’t deserve. And the biggest lie from Billingar Maccarthy is that “he has not known any foreign minister who is not a bilingual”. What a fat lie! You know why? Because no one dares to claim that our foreign minister is uneducated hence the bilingual card is used against him. There are those who are hell-bent on hijacking President Barrow from the Gambian people who voted him into power and in so doing they can ultimately achieve their sinister agenda. If this hijacking of President Barrow fail, their next plot is to create division between Barrow and Darboe. This is already underway. Evil plotters will always plot but Allah knows the best. Why would these evil souls advocate for the dismissal of Ousainou Darboe by Adama Barrow is anyone’s guess? The people who hate both Barrow and Darboe. The evil plotters will aim at President Barrow if they succeed in getting rid of Ousainou. I pray and hope both President Barrow and Darboe have become aware of this disgusted and unpleasant agenda that must not be allowed to happen. Where were these opportunists when when the gun and bullet ruled? Without the sacrifices, determination and unselfishness of Ousainou Darboe and others we will not be where we a today. It is sad to hear and read the unfair and unthankful comments directed at the man who sacrificed more than decades of his life fighting dictatorship and to restore the dignity and freedom of the Gambian people. Many Gambians like me at home and abroad, including the silent and loudmouths, are proud of what Mr. Darboe did for the Gambia. Thank you Our Lion who wanted to take bullet for our freedom. God Bless you Mr. Darboe, the Gambia and her people.

Alhagi Touray

Stockholm, Sweden


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