The Gambia: A State On The Right To Prosperity

This is a quick and short response to the so-called editor of the irresponsible, unreliable and one sided Freedom-NO-news-paper “caution my own description”. The editor wrote on November 6th 2017 in his headline Gambia is a paranoid state. It said that a thousand kilometers journey starts with the first step and that first step has been taken by the Gambian new government with the able leadership of H.E. President Adama Barrow. The editor of that failed media outlet mentioned above has himself been failed miserably than any living Gambian in recent memory. Here is an individual who´s biological parents cursed and disgraced him in front of the whole world on national television under a brutal dictatorial regime. The parents were paraded and humiliated on national TV by the former APRC regime under Yaya Jammeh. This is on record. It has never occurred in the history of our nation. Many good Gambian citizens came out in their large numbers for this editor’s protection and to show support because we thought we were all the same only for him to turn his back against those very people and start castigating them. This is very “un-Gambian” to say the least. Knowing very well this will not happen to any Gambian citizen today under the watchful eyes of H.E. President Adam Barrow this so-called editor in question kept on with his unfounded and malicious allegations against the government. If there is any Gambian who is paranoid today it should be this careless and hopeless editor and the likes of him who´s only intention is to grow the seeds of discontent, discord and plain hatred amongst the various humble hard working Gambians. These people will fail woefully as the majority of Gambians are determined to see it through with this new government. The new Gambia today is a sea of hope- hope because we are free at last to be able to use our own minds, free because we can excise our rights without fear, free because there is finally a rule of law, free because we are protect, free because we are blessed with a president who is resolute, focus, humble and above all respects us. Thank you to all Gambians who give respect to the highest office of our country. Thank you: The Gambia Forward Backward Never!

Alhagi Touray

Stockholm, Sweden


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