Gambia Government Lied About

The Gambia government has reacted to news in circulation that it had recognised Catalonia as a independent nation. Catalonia is a region of Spain whose Parliament  voted overwhelmingly in favour of independence, forcing Madrid officials to take full control over the autonomous region on the pretext  that the constitution does not allow any region of Spain to breakaway.

“The government of The Gambia would like to express its utter dismay the fake news circulating in the social media purportedly reporting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of The Gambia has recognized the declaration of independence by Catalonia,” the Gambia government said in a statement issued by the Information Ministry. It describe the report as “untrue and misleading” because it does not represent the official position of the Government and people of The Gambia.

“The Gambia and the Kingdom of Spain has long standing bilateral relationship and friendship based on mutual respect. This relationship, which is based on respect for each other’s sovereignty, continues to grow from strength to strength,” the government’s statement added.

The Government of The Gambia strongly disassociates itself from this misleading information and renews its commitment to a united Spain and hope that the Spanish people will find an amicable solution to this unfortunate impasse.


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  1. Brace yourselve for more fake news. These are the works of the hateful people. Their hearts will burn and destroy if they want to destroy a government that replaced indecent, killer machine government. This government is the most balanced government in our history – a government that represents diverse ethnic groups.

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