Nyang Njie Needs To Explain

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The ousting of Yahya Jammeh has created another era of accountability in the Gambia. As the Mandinka parlance have it, a drum cannot be beaten when the drum beater sits on the beating stick. When Jammeh was around, government employees portrayed themselves as Angels and even trumpeted sounds of zero tolerance for corruption. Little did Gambians know that these right hand mercinaries of a self-styled dictator are filled with filth. Who says they are clean? They are all well educated, know and master the laws and policies on monetary and governance issues but choose to betray their values, culture and ethics. Instead of standing up to financial misappropriation even if it means going to jail, these civil servants betrayed every Gambian, including their parents that inculcated good values in them. They washed everything good they had been taught and sold themselves to Satan Yahya Jammeh who turbaned his neck, held rosary and the holy Quran by day but sip Jack Daniels [one of the most expensive whiskeys] and sniff cocaine by night. What a hypocrite Alhajie! The self-anointed emir who mortgaged our country to criminal syndicates!

The Commission of Inquiry had given Gambians enough lessons about Yahya Jammeh’s greed and lack of decency among our so-called elite civil servants. Almost all of them served the monster instead of the taxpayers who paid their salaries. The testimony of the former Central Bank Governor Amadou Colley reminds us about one loudmouth Nyang Njie, a former government employee who thinks he has monopoly over government information, policy or functions. It was the same Nyang Njie who cleared Amadou Colley from any financial wrongdoings, describing him as a Saint. Now that Governor Colley himself told the Commission how and why he had flouted banking regulations and policies, we think it is appropriate for Colley’s praise singer to either apologise to Gambians for publicly lying to them or justify Colley’s sainthood. Where on Earth have you seen or heard substantial amount of money being withdrawn at the Central Bank with mere verbal instructions? Not even junk commercial banks accept what former Governor Colley had condoned.

Gambians are keenly following the Janneh Commission, particularly the content of its report and what the Barrow administration will do to reform the banking sector. People have long since lost faith in the Gambian economy. The Commission’s startling revelations of irresponsible financial malpractices have proven them right. Without adequate measures that guarantee fiscal and monetary discipline the people we entrust with our money will remain loose.


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  1. What is going on at the ports in this very hour?
    The coalition regime is yet to prove worthy of being in public office if things are going sloppy. I don’t like what I am getting from the ground at Gambia ports, I am very upset with the incompetence of those in charge of ports management.
    Grip the Gambian state Adama Barrow before you fall out with me big time.

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