‘GDC Members Are Not Criminals’

The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) wondered why the police would subject his party members to screening before issuing them a permit.

“The problem I have is calling GDC party militants and members to go to the police station for screening before they can issue them permit,” said Mama Kandeh, a former National Assembly Member for Jimara Constituency who lost to President Adama Barrow on December 1st 2016. “Our militants and members are not criminals,” he said.

Kandeh delivered his statement while addressing news conference at Baobab Resort Hotel on Tuesday. He did not dispute the right of the police to deny GDC permit. Any denial, he argued, must be harboured on genuine reasons. The GDC leader wanted the Coalition government to guarantee a level playing political field – a call that sent the entire United Democratic Party leadership to prison.

Mr. Kandeh, who made headlines for not substantiating allegations that the Coalition government ministers have been looting state resources, also had some bones to pick with the ECOWAS peacekeeping mission forces in the Gambia. He asked whether the forces are mandated to order offloading of firewood and charcoal on the GDC trucks.

Mama Kandeh raised concerns about the Barrow government’s failure to appoint a Vice President. He called on President Barrow lead respect the constitution and appoint a Vice President.

“Do they want to tell us that there is no qualified Gambian who is capable of being Vice President or is it that the position is reserved to suit the interest of an individual?”


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  1. Mama is a criminal let him clear the air about the way he spent the money .Yaya is his boss .