Gambia Maps Out Development Plan

By Abdoulie John

The organisation of development partners forum on the country’s National Development Plan (NDP) has spelt out the Gambia government’s seriousness to change for the better and that it is time to walk the talk.  Organised by Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs on Tuesday, the NDP is scheduled to last five years (2018-2021).

“We have reached a critical point in the preparation of the National Development Plan (NDP) with the recent completion of the revised draft,” Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh told participants at the forum.
The Gambia is recovering from 22 years of dictatorship that has plagued every sector of the tiny country’s economy. But the return of democracy has ignited outsiders’ confidence in the new government, prompting international partners to pledge support to the Barrow government.
Minister Sanneh said the NDP is the vehicle through which the government seeks to define the strategies and actions in order to address a host of inherited economic and social challenges resulting from ousted President Yahya Jammeh’s economic, social and political recklessness.
Sanneh outlined the eight strategic priority areas that have been identified during consultations. They are governance, human rights and security sector reform; macroeconomic stabilisation and economic management; modernized agriculture, agribusiness and fisheries; human capital (health, education, and social protection), infrastructure and Energy; tourism and culture; youth empowerment and development; and private  sector development and trade.
Minister Sanneh reiterated the new government’s position that ‘business
as usual’ in formulating and executing development plans will not deliver the transformative development that Gambians expect. “We have ensured that the new National Development Plan is focused squarely on achieving goals,” Minister Sanneh said.

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