Victory for Gambian People As Gamtel Takes Back Int’l Gateway

The Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Gamtel) has taken over the management of the international Gateway of the Gambia. This followed the termination of the contract between the Gambia government and MGI.

The news of the gateway transfer –contained in a government press release below — comes on the heels of public outcry.


Following the preliminary report of the ICT Taskforce recently instituted by His Excellency The President, Cabinet has decided to terminate the contract between the Government of The Gambia and MGI, to exclusively manage the International Gateway of the Gambia.

Accordingly, the general public is hereby informed that the management and control of the international gateway has now been transferred to GAMTEL with effect from Friday 7th July, 2017. As a result, GAMTEL did a successful takeover and now all international calls to and from the Gambia are through the GAMTEL gateway.

We, therefore, count on the service providers and users for their support and encouragement while the process of takeover by GAMTEL is completed and stabilized.

Meanwhile, the international call termination rate has also been reduced by $0.10 cents, equivalent to 18% reduction. The Government will continue to work with GAMTEL and operators to further reduce the cost of communication.

Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure

10th July, 2017


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  1. Good news; & potentially useful & better services for the consumer when effectively managed; & the overwhelming economic growth & benefits this will effect on the Gambia; generally impacting on the societal upliftment media & technological advancements in particular currently plays in all & any other parts of the world…
    Moving (/turning) things around from 2 decades of infectious kanilai Ali Baba greedy misappropriations, to effective societal management, are now begin to take &/ form shapes gradually; into improvements & consolidations into stabilization for the progressive future…
    God bless Gambia; Ameen.

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