UTG Alum Steals The Show in Turkey

By Sangkalang Marong

The institution’s management may have been embroiled in some administrative bickering but the students of the University of The Gambia (UTG) continue to excel in different areas of professional and academic areas around the world.

One of the university’s alumni has stolen the show in  Turkey where he graduated with flying colours. Mr.bdoulie Touray bags a BSc. in Chemistry with a minor in Biology at the UTG. He graduated as the most outstanding chemistry student of the UTG’s 2013 graduating class. Touray worked for Kotu Senior Secondary School as a Chemistry teacher and later joined Medical Research Council as an intern in the molecular diagnostics platform before being appointed as a trainee scientific officer in the malaria research platform.

In September 2014, he was awarded an MSc. scholarship by the Turkish government to study Biochemistry. Abdoulie has just graduated as the most outstanding student.

Touray paid tribute to family and well-wishers without whose encouragement and support he would not have achieved the outstanding success. “I am very much humbled by the congratulatory messages and prayers I received from family, friends and well wishers,” Abdoulie Touray told GLife. “I would like to say a very big thank you to each and everyone. In addition, I specifically thank my brother Lamin N. Touray and his family for the selfless support they have always rendered to me during my entire academic journey.”



  1. Sadibou

    So elated to hear about it.But thanks and praise should have also gone to president jammeh architect of the UTG. Well done bro, Gambians are proud of you.

    • Sadibou , where do you have this idea that Jammeh was the architect of UTG ? Dictator Jammeh was never an architect of UTG . UTG was planned by jawara’s government and, when the criminal leader overthrew and violated constitutional rule, he implemented political driven university. For 22 years , jammeh refused to build standard university for Gambian people. UTG should have been built to the standard with all the latest technological innovations or instructional equipments but looking at UTG , it is in sorry stage . You must remember that jammeh has spent over 200 million dollars in kanillia while UTG is substandard university as far as structure and technological innovations are concerned. We have brilliant students who attended this university and today they are remarkable and successful people in various areas. The credit goes to these outstanding citizens, because it was their selfless sacrifices that they were able to succeed. I remember many of us were able to commute to or/ from Banjul , Brikama, and MDI administration building for Classes without any proper transportation. Today , students are going through the same frustration and hardship. The campus at pirang is not complete. So why you gave undeserved credit to a man who used the university for political expediency?

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