Serial Fatal Rapist In Custody; Gambians Breathing Peace

Serial fatal rapist in custody, Gambians can now go to be in peace!

Police in Fajikunda have in custody a confessed serial fatal rapist. The arrest and subsequent detention of Essa Jarjue is helping the police reach to the bottom of fatal rape and burglary cases in Serekunda and Kombo North areas.

Before his Friday’s arrest, police launched investigation on the mysterious deaths of an 8-year-old girl in Lamin and a pregnant woman in Fajikunda. In both cases, the suspect had either raped or attempted to rape the victims. Essa Jarjue confessed to have raped the 8-year-old to death as well as strangulating the 7-month pregnant Mariama Bojang until she could not breathe any longer. Mariama was found dead on our bed on Tuesday.

Essa, who is believed to in his early 20s, told police that his “sex sickness” has been compelling him to engage in serial rape acts at night. He added that his last prey Mariama refused to have sex with him even though he had cooled off her crying child before he made attempts. During the ensuing struggle to mate, Essa blocked Mariama’s airways by covering her nose and mouth before strangulated her to death. Her mysterious death had becoming a political football, with Jolas accusing Mandinkas of committing the crime to avenge ousted President Yahya Jammeh’s killings. It turned out that both suspect and victim are Jolas.

Essa Jarjue hailed from Fajikunda south. He is believed to be helping police in their investigation.


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