Daily Observer Closed Down

By Lamin Cham

The Daily Observer, the legendary name in Gambian newspaper industry, which began publication in May 1992, has been shut down on the orders of the Gambia Revenue Authority, GRA, reliable sources told The Standard yesterday.

According to our sources, the GRA officials moved in to lock up the newspaper’s offices on GACEM Road yesterday afternoon.

Ousman Bah, head of Corporate and Public Affairs at GRA, said the closure of the Daily Observer is temporary, pending the institution paying up arrears owed to the Authority. “This is routine operations by the GRA when all efforts failed to recover tax from serious defaulters. We never want to take this last option in any case because as you know, when a business is closed, we cannot collect tax. However, the GRA Act and other laws mandated that when necessary we have to take this line. However, the Daily Observer and any other businesses affected are free to resume work once they pay up,” Mr Bah said.

He also stressed that this move has nothing to do with politics or the change of government. “The GRA is a technical arm of government mandated to collect tax for the state without discrimination,” he added.

The Standard also spoke with a senior staff of the company who confirmed the visit of the GRA but will not offer details. “Yes we have been told that the company should stop publications from now.”
Asked if the closure may have to do with tax arrears, our source within the company said that seems likely because there was a correspondence from GRA on that matter. “But I would not know what triggered this new development.”

Liberian journalist Kenneth Best started the Daily Observer on May 11 1992 but in May 1999, it was reported that the company was sold to businessman Amadou Samba. However, during the last 13 years the Company’s affairs were directly controlled by the office of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Meanwhile, Daily Observer Managing Director Pa Modou Mbowe has told the West Africa Democracy Radio that the closure of the newspaper is due to unpaid tax amounting to millions of Dalasis, but blames the Gambia Revenue Authority for not taking action when the tax arrears were ‘small’. He also confirmed he was appointed by ex-president Yahya Jammeh, but says he has no clue who owns Daily Observer newspaper.

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  1. Daily observer has been the mouthpiece of the former dictator and his brutal regime for more than a decade. Jammeh used the paper to entrench and sustain himself in power . Therefore , daily observer played a very significant role to political oppression in the last decade . Those who claimed that the paper has contributed to enhance democracy and empowerment of citizens, failed to remind themselves how the paper was utilized as main propaganda tool to oppress citizens. This facts must be acknowledged. The paper has lost credibility and independent among genuine people who cares about honest , truth and fair reporting. The paper needs to pay its arrears so that it can stay operational. Those who also are using the temporary closure of the paper by GRA in their false claimed that it was political miscalculation or political motivated move are missing the fact that in any democracy taxes are key to sustainability of any democratic government. Paying taxes overrides any responsibility of citizenry . Citizens or institutions who refused to pay taxes failed in their responsibility to ensure collective or individual needs or rights are safeguarded or protected. These collective/individual rights are freedom of expression, press and other rights envisioned in the constitution. In other words, Taxes are used to protect and uphold our constitutional rights because we need to pay citizens or services to protect and preserve democracy and serves our collective aspirations or needs . Without paying taxes , there will be no government or representation of citizenry and there would no services. So daily observer must pay its taxes obligations.