Revisiting Jammeh’s Verbatim Tribal Slur

Transcript of Yahya Jammeh’s speech about Mandinka

(Mandinka-English translation notwithstanding, we tried very hard to write as spoken.)

Paragraphs are marked by time into the speech.

0:0 – Since 1994, all the trouble makers or those organizing demonstrations are Mandinka. Any Mandinka who follows
their foot-step, Bilahi Walahi Talahi, I swear to God, not even a fly will see you [your dead body]. From 1994 to the present, 98% [of opposition] are Mandinka, or those going the Backway [land and sea routes used by illegal migrant to Europe] are Mandinka, saying bad things about the country. Whatever [bad things] you say about this country is between you and Allah but let it be clear that this country is not owned by anyone tribe, but everyone. And I will eliminate anyone who dare start trouble and will see what any Toubab [westerner] can do about it. Mandinka, you better return to Allah and repent.

1:41 – Those who go about claiming that this country is owned by Mandinka. Where did you see that in history books? I have evidence that you do not belong here. In 1864 there were no Mandingoes in this country. You came from Mali.

2:01 – You better behave, I will not allow any foreigners to destroy this country. I have a map that (inaudible). Manding, if you say Manding, you come from Mali. Those referred to as “foreigners​” are the rightful owners of the country. If you [Mandinka] are saying, let’s support each other as Mandinka, that this is a Mandinka country. Which Mandinka country? If you do not quit I will stop you by force.

2:49 – Since 1990s when we started politics, those who say let’s support each other as Mandinka, saying if they win they will kill this and that person, kill this and that person because of who they are. If you think I will take any such nonesense, watch me. I will wipe you out and nothing will come out of it.

3:29 – Participants in the first demonstration [against Yahya’s rule] were all Mandinka. Second demonstration, all Mandinka and two Fula. The Fula are trying to join the demonstration. I say [to the Fula] welcome to Hell for that.

3:55 – Mandinka, you should repent to Allah, because anyone who claims to be Muslim, does not want [.. inaudible]. You Mandinka, who do you think of yourselves? [You keep saying] my Jola “ndingho”, Fula “ndingho”. Allah does not like that, so repent and become good Muslims. Muslims do not look down on other people. But your this habit of looking down on others. Anyone who gets involved with these bad people, I swear the world will hear about you and I. And no one can do anything about it.

4:46 – I will tell you something, and I swear. Anyone who does not mean well for Yayha [third person] and does not mean well for the country, Bilahi Walahi Talahi, I swear by Allah that you will not live to see the election [December 2016 Presidential elections]. I tell you that. The police will not arrest you, the army will not arrest you, and no one will arrest you but enemies of the state will die one by one before the election, you know me very well.

5:33 – If we say Mandinka, not all are bad people. But since 1994, Mandinka are the trouble makers in this country. If you do not desist [from making trouble] I will stop you 9 meters deep.

6:01 – My friend the Fula, who have been with APRC since 1994, the Mandinka say this Fula ndingho [little Fula], when we [Mandinka] win back power we will, we will send you all [Fula supporting Yahya Jammeh] back to Guinea. Watch us, we will send all you Mandinka back to Manding as that’s where you are from.

6:41 – Being in the opposition does not equal to causing trouble. Anyone can vote for whoever they please but when they [the opposition] start trouble in the country, Bilahi Walahi Talahi; Bilahi Walahi Talahi; Bilahi Walahi Talahi; even maggots will not find your corpse. I tell you that. Let’s​ see what the Toubab [the white people] can do about it.

7:22 – Who are you [Mandinka]? Anytime someone is not a Mandinka you say Jola ndingho, Manjako ndingho, Fula
ndingho and Suruwa ndingho. What do you take yourself to be Allah?

7:42 – Allah does not like discrimination and I tell you this. There will never be a Mandinka government in this country again. Never! I tell you, Bilahi Walahi Talahi...[inaudible] let me[Yahya Jammeh] burn in hell-fire when I die. I Yahya Jammeh tell you this and I have a reason for it.

8:20 – If you [Mandinka] don’t know your history, that you come from Manding, Mali. The Bambarang chased you out of Mali. That’s why Foday Kaba Dumbuya came.. The Mandinka who ran, Mansa Musa said to him, you should pay tax to me, and he said to him [Mansa Musa] that he will go collect it from Gambie, eh, West Africa. To say here [Gambia] is a Mandinka country, who told you that is the case? Better go and learn your history. But, I am a Muslim and we are all Muslims. I see all people as equals. But if you want to take Allah’s place, Mandinka nding, eh, Jola ndingho, Fula ndingho, I will not part with you in peace. You [Mandinka] must apologize to all other ethnic groups, repent to Allah and become better Muslims.

9:09 – Why don’t you say Mandinka ndingho? You call a woman who is older than your mom as musu ndingho, you call a man older than your father, keh ndingho. Who do you take yourselves to be? Better you change your habits and find Allah and become Muslims so we can all live in peace. Else you are doomed.

10:32 – Allah does not like discrimination. A Muslim should not look down on others. It is your language you need to change, Jola ndingho, Surwaa ndingho, merr ndingho, pa ndingho are disparaging and Allah despise that.

11:06 – Do you think Allah? Allah knows best. Thirty one years we had a Mandinka [as President], what did he accomplished? You know what baffles me with Mandinka? You are self-haters, you Mandinka, you hate yourselves. Jawara was President for 31 years and his worst opponents were Mandinka. Who are you?

11:57 – Thirty-one (31) yrs, the Wolofs and the Jolas and other tribes were Jawara’s biggest supporters. If it weren’t these people, Jawara would not have, even, won a second time, but because of these people, beside Jawara’s tribalism, it’s other tribes who supported Jawara, a Mandingo, a outright tribalist. Now Allah said you have enough, you have not done anything for 30 years but take us backward. Allah brought me here, you said you are not going to support me. That is your business, but if you cross my line you will never cross somebody’s line again.

12:54 – Anyone who is a tribalist, anyone who is an enemy of the country, you are an infidel, your prayers are worthless, your fasting is worthless. That’s why you are dying of frustration like Tse-tse flies. Stop being hateful, stop being hypocrites. I Yahya Jammeh said it.

13:26 – Anyone who dare organize a demonstration tomorrow. I will not send the police, but I will send the army and wipe you out and see who is going to talk about it. Bilahi Walahi Talahi.

13:50 – Correcting the interpreter for going soft -” I did not say that. You know the police arrest people without violence. Anyone who engages in demonstration tomorrow I will kill them like ticks, and nothing will come out of it. I say so.

14:17 – If you think of what we [Yahya’s government] have built in 21 years, the British could not do it in 400 years, Jawara couldn’t do it in 31 years, I will allow donkeys and vermin. If you think I will allow bush pigs [the opposition] to destroy it then I am not Foro [freeborn in Mandinka] or Muslim. What I have built could not have been built [developed] by the British colonialist. Not in 400 years. Do you think I will sit by and allow infidels and imbeciles destroy it? Bilahi Walahi Talahi, you are in the wrong country. Try it and see.

15:09 – And if you don’t like what I say, lick your eyes [Mandinka expression for so be it].

15:18 – Do I look like I will dance to the “I want to die and go to hell” tune? Anyone who tries to destroy what I build will suffer the consequences.

15:40 – This musu ndingho, this keh ndingho, this Fula ndingho, this Par ndingho. Only an infidel will say such as Allah does not like us disparage people. Muslim should not disparage. This musu ndingho, this keh ndingho, a woman older than their mother is still refered to as musu ndingho. Why do they not call their mother musu ndingho. Enough is enough, this nonsense must stop. You are in the wrong country.

16:35 – Of those who bad mouth [me], 98% are Mandinka. The Minister of Interior is here. From ’94 to date, if 10,000 Gambians are deported 9950 were all Mandinka, who are you? And when you [Mandinka] tell lies. I say of those deported back to the country, 9.5 out of 10 are Mandinka. Look at the deportees from Libya. If you want to know the facts ask the Immigration [Department] and the Minister of Interior is here. I do not mind anyone emigrating from The Gambia, but Bilahi Walahi Talahi anyone who lies about Yahya Jammeh’s government, you will never return to this country alive. In fact I granted approval for landing clearance for…[in audible]. All ..[inaudible] returned
from Austria are Mandinka. Here [The Gambia] is a prosperous country, If you are a loser you can never make it here. You can leave if you like, but The Gambia is a prosperous country. A cockroach can not destroy it, a mouse can not destroy it, a tse-tse fly can’t destroy it, a hyena can’t destroy it and despicable Toubab [white people] can not destroy it either. The Gambia will always go forward.

19:12 – Some will ask why am I saying this today. 1994, 96 until now, I have been patient but it’s enough. Any Mandinka who wants peace will get it from me but anyone wants otherwise will get equal amount.

19:40 – What I have worked for 21 years, without help from any Toubab [white people], would I sit by and watch it destroyed? Bilahi Walahi Talahi by the time it’s destroyed you [Mandinka] would have spent a hundred years in hell.

20:07 – Mandinkolu. Mandinkolu, Mandinkolu. There are two choices, rice and the pit. Go where the rice is and and
leave the pit alone if not all of you will be buried in the pit.

20:40 – I will never be a tribalist for I am a pure Muslim. I will never discriminate people based on their tribes but based on their bad service and evil habits. I will not accept that. I am a pure Muslim.

21:03 – Bilahi Walahi Talahi, I will never be a racist or a tribalist. Because if I do that then I have to drink alcohol and eat pork. Because then I will not worship the almighty Allah. Allah created all of us from Adam and Eve. Tribalism has no place in the Quran. hatred has no place in Muslim communities, violence has no place in the Gambia. Let me warn you. I am not a racist. I will not judge you by your color or by your religions but I will judge you by your behavior. Enough is enough, Enough is enough, Enough is enough.

Asalam alaikum warahamatoulah watallah...

Source: Malanding Jaiteh- Facebook



  1. Yaya Jammeh what a shame after all your treats on the whole you just a coward and a betrayer. Gambians will never forgive you for lies, killings, disappearances and for betrayal of the citizens. This is just the beginning Insha-Allah you will dance to your own tunes chief monster

    • Muhammed Touray

      Am a Gambian and i am very proud of Yaya Jammeh for what he have done for the Gambia, is only Allah that can repay him. May Allah bless him and his family. Allah is the Greatest. As a Muslim have good things to say about people. Let all Gambian knows that this world is a test from Allah, one day we all die and then we will see if this world is worth all this. Gambian let us be one, Gambia belongs to all, let us make duaa for peace and what good for the country.

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