Why Foni People Must Cool Off

                  The late Haruna Jatta

The death of Haruna Jatta [a protesters who died of gunshot injuries] is unwarranted, a result of overreaction on the part of the ECOMIG peacekeepers and clearly a fatal miscalculation on the part of the peoples of Kanilai and Foni sympathisers of Jammeh.

Despite the evidently agitary and provocative nature of the people demanding the illegal ousting of state operators from Kanilai​, a thorough investigation into the events around the killing is the only real approach to serving transparency and reinstating the state’s principal role in protecting people’s lives even those protesting.

Nevertheless, it must be clearly communicated to folks in Kanilai and Foni, that Kanilai remains a place of interest until the investigations into killings, unmarked graves and assets theft by Jammeh is completed. It is clear to everyone in this area that Yahya Jammeh had used his home base to mount terror on the Gambian people for the last 22 years. Therefore, the area around Kanilai​ will remain relevant to the security and recovery of vital information on the machinations of an evil dictator.

The state cannot abdicate responsibility hence it must stay put in and around Kanilai or anywhere else deemed necessary. The contest of wills must stop and bragging abouts be shelved. The people can voice their opposition to ECOMIG but this must be channeled via their APRC parliament representatives and chiefs in the area. Threatening violence and cursing the coalition government will not bring Jammeh back to power.

The way forward is for sympathisers of Jammeh in Foni to tame their anger and accept the democratic will of the people. Just as the other parts of the country respected Jammeh’s violent tenure in office and ended it at the ballot box.

Kemo Kinteh


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  1. Modou #2

    The MFDC are cornered, the presence of ECOMIG forces at their Gambian headquarters of Kanilai is causing them operational problems. That’s why they are trying to brew up civil unrest to blackmail the Gambia government into submitting to their will! That is to remove the Senegalese forces in the Foni boarder areas so that MFDC can have a free reign.

    The new government must not budge one bit for the sake maintaining long term peace in our Senegambia region. The MFDC must be forced to the negotiating table in a weakened status, as their backer and paymaster, ” the Sheikh Professor” is on the run.

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