Exposing Deyda Hydara’s Murderers

For more than 12 years the family of the assasinated Gambian editor has been asking one question: who killed Deyda’s Hydara? It’s a question that would not be answered by a government that promised to protect life and property. A government that prides itself with guaranteeing maximum security. Like many murders, there will not be any closure to Deyda’s case until his coward assassins are tried and punished for their heinous crime. Well, that road has began as evidenced by Magistrate Isatou Janneh-Njie’s issuance of arrest warrants against former army commander Kawsu Camara (Bombardier) and Sanna Manjang, deputy leader of former President Yahya Jammeh’s Jungular killer squad.

It’s now clear to everyone that the duo conspired to take the precious life of a man who had selflessly served his country. Hydara, the founder editor of The Point Newspaper, was gunned down on December 16 2004 the day he celebrated his wife’s birthday and the 13th anniversary of The Point. Deyda’s killers continued to stroll the streets of Banjul freely until their Chief Criminal Yahya Jammeh, the Gambia’s own Pharoah, fled to exile. The assassins too took to their heels, fearing to deal with the law for gunning down Hydara while riding home.

Although the two alleged assassins are out of the jurisdiction, the arrest warrant is important for spilling the beans as well as ordered  their arrest and extradition to the Gambia. While serving Yahya Jammeh, both men were accused of committing gross violations of human rights. They torture and kill at will to satisfy their master’s interest.

However, these assassins potrayed their cowardice status immediately they fell out with Yahya Jammeh. They would have demonstrated bravery had they waited for the law to take its cause. Manjang and Camera have now understood they can run but they can’t hide. These men should be fished out and prosecuted in the Gambia. Justice seeking Gambians want to know what had Deyda done to deserve murder.  The capture of the two suspects will also expose other conspirators.

Food for thought: no matter how long it takes the longest journey must one day come to an end.


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  1. Kemo Touray

    They can ran but cannot hide the game is over now .They will face justice together with their master.

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