‘Yahya Jammeh Doesn’t Deserve Freedom’

The late Sandeng’s son wants justice for all the victims of Jammeh’s 22-year dictatorial rule. Muhammed thinks justice will provide closure to the victims and their families.


  1. Kinteh (kemo)

    I am also of the opinion that, provided Jammeh were to remain at large unaccounted for and should come back to the country as a free man, the victims and/or families of victims, have a justification to take the laws into their own hands and seek redress on their own terms.

    To avoid such lynch justice, the authorities must ensure that Jammeh and conspirators are brought to book.

    • Ibrahim sonko

      Well said brother Kemo. I hope the authority heed to your opinion. The victims families should see that justice served no later but sooner. One may said that is retribution or pay back or witch hunting whatever some will call it but we have to be in those victims families’ shoes before we deny or say something like forgive the brutal dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH and his co heinous evil crimes against humanity. Jammeh’s victims deserve justice and at least compensation by the government of the Gambia. Jammeh doesn’t deserve freedom or to walk freely in the streets of the Gambia. In fact, Yahya Ajj jammeh’s main intention to come back to power or having one of his puppet take over the power illegal. Jammeh is not thinking about coming and be a free man because he knows that is very risks. So he wants ECOMIG force out first so that some of his die hard loyalists within the GAF can either overthrow Barrow’s government or cause destabilize the Gambia. New government of president Adama Barrow should be very careful not to say goodbye to ECOMIG FORCES yet because the GAF have so many jammeh’s diehard loyalists within GAF.