Gov’t Lifts Embargo On Passport

The Gambia government has lifted an embargo on the issuance of passports. The Barrow government last month stopped issuing passports and national identity cards, with the Interior Ministry saying the move would enable the relevant authorities to protect and promote the integrity of  national documents.

In a press statement, the Interior Ministry explains how Machine Readable Passports will be issued to those who meet the requirements.

The Ministry of Interior hereby informs the General Public about the resumption of issuance of Machine Readable Passports strictly along the following guidelines and requirements:

First-time passport applicants within the Gambia are encouraged to apply for the Biometric Passport for which personal appearance is required.

Requirements for Replacement of Lost or Expired Machine Readable Passports (Not Biometric) by those living in the Diaspora requires Personal Appearance at the nearest Gambian Embassy or Consulate with relevant supporting documents (Old documents that show correct name, date and place of birth, picture and signature of applicant)

In case applicant resides in a country where there is no Gambian Embassy or Consulate

Notarized Affidavit of proof of Citizenship submitted on behalf of the applicant.

The Identity declaration completed by a national assembly member of the applicant’s constituency and accompanied by an endorsed photograph signed by the same person.

Original and photocopy of first and last page of expired passport or any other national document (If available)

Submit Notarized Affidavit of Loss (with detailed explanation on when, where and how passport got lost).

If the lost passport is still valid, submit Police Report.

Photocopy of first page and last page of lost passport (if available)

In order to protect Gambian Travelers and to restore the integrity of our vital national identity documents, all supporting documents, for example, Birth Certificates will be subject to further verification with the office of the registrar of Births at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. These measures are taken to avert fraudulent acquisition of Gambian passports and to ensure that our national documents are obtained through legal sources.

Please take note that there could be a 30-day clearing period prior to the processing of a new application or for replacement of expired or lost valid passport unless it is absolutely urgent and necessary.

For further information please contact the Ministry of Interior on 4223877.

Bulli Dibba

Permanent Secretary


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