Politics Of Maturity On Display

Left Tairu Badjie APRC, Lamin Conta UDP winner, Samba Bah GDC & Abdou Sowe independent​ candidate!

Bravery does not lie in contesting in an election and win; real bravery lies in conceding defeat in good faith. Acceptance of defeat is key to avoiding post-election violence and replacing them with peace, stability and social cohesion. Failure to accept defeat can be costly to both human beings and their property.  No one gains in any election violence. That’s why we must shower praise on those candidates who graciously accept defeat in April 6 national assembly elections. Our four Gambian brothers in Kombo East constituency have taught us a lesson that is worth emulating and celebrating. The four candidates – Lamin Conta, UDP (winner); Tairu Badjie, APRC; Samba Bah, GDC and Abdou Sowe, independent candidate – last week gathered in Basori village to “demonstrate that political party difference does not equal mutual hatred.” The three loser candidates celebrated the victory of the winner with the belief that “what united us is far greater than what divides us.” They had proven advocates of tribal politics wrong. For them Lamin Conta’s win in a diverse constituency is a victory for democracy. These men camped, barbecued, ate roasted lamb and laughed together in the spirit of unity and oneness. Even the picture these four contestants took clearly manifested their thirst for a community where politics would not be a source of division or bad blood. This is how mature politicians behave, and hope this will be replicated across the country. We hope this is food for thought for every Gambian. There will always be winners and losers in every contest. It therefore behooves on losers to accept defeat where there are no irregularities or fraud and allow people to adjust. Winners too should appreciate losers for conceding defeat. Let us remember how Yahya Jammeh’s failure to accept defeat had created two months of instability in the Gambia. All we want our politicians to do is to build bridges and not walls.



  1. This is the kind of story worth reading. I am happy that our people are understanding democracy. What a positive story to come out of the Gambia!

  2. Prophets of doom think our country will slide into tribal upheaval. How wrong were they?

  3. Stories are excellent and worth reading. Keep up with these types of positive stories

  4. This photo of the contestants is priceless; sacrosanctity of humanity is being proven whatsoever our differences; democracy is taking footholds back in Gambia again; & this time for better; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia….