April 10&11 Memorial Foundation

For meditate release

April 10/11 memorial foundation invites the victims, families of the disappeared, students, members students and the general public, to commemorate the students and individuals that lost their lives as well as the survivors of the horrific events.

A group of Gambian citizens based in both the Gambia and the Diaspora have come together to organise the following events:

  1. Parade march from the GTTI Jeshwang to Westfield – April 10th morning at 8: 30AM

  2. Musical Tribute at Westfield – April evening at 6:30PM

  3. Symposium titled “NEVER AGAIN” at Gambia Tourism and Hotel Institute, Kanifing – April 11th Morning at 9:00AM

  4. Football march at Westfield mini-stadium – April 11th at 4:00PM
    With the new Gambia, we would be grateful if you would help us give the victims, survivors and their families the fitting honour they deserve by joining us to chant the voice of prayers, Truth and justice for all that were wrongly persecuted.

For further information contact

Sheriff Kijera 7774705
Saul Mbenga 3420252
Musa Jobateh 9987551


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  1. Kemo Touray

    Good step for Barrow governments this is what’s democracy is all about.

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