Vote Sabotage: APRC Supporter Arrested

Polls this morning open in the Gambia’s first crucial election to be conducted by the coalition government of President Adama Barrow.

Unlike the presidential election, voting in many areas seem to be proceeding slowly. But that does not prevent saboteurs from carrying out their plot. Already, one Dodou Sey, an APRC Supporter was arrested in Bakau for gluing the ballot hole of the UDP candidate Assan Touray with a chewing gum, preventing marbles from getting through. Sey got busted and handed over to the police. Similar APRC sabotage activities were detected and reported in Lamin and Kunkujang in Kombo North. In all the cases, electoral officers and agents have been alerted. Parties have alerted their agents to be wary of any slightest sign of suspicion at the polling booth.

At least 239 candidates vie for 53 national assembly seats, with the UDP fielding more candidates than any other party. The presence of independent candidates have also overcrowded the contest. So constituencies are contested by 7 candidates.

The election of parliamentarians will formally herald the beginning of the Gambia’s Third Republic.


  1. If the ALLEGATIONS are Found to be True following Investigations carried out by an independent body, then any and all those found to be Involved, Should be brought before the Court for adjudication. Let’s Not rush to judgement and start labelling or name calling Individuals or Parties. Finger pointing, Should​ avoided​ and the ACUSED should be Reserved the Right to Privacy and Considered INNOCENT Until Proven GUILTY. Meanwhile, let’s Pray that Allah/God Bless the Gambia and CONTINUE to Protect the Gambia and All Gambians. One Gambia, One People, One Destiny.

    • Sidi, I quite agree with you. Those accused should be given anonymity and presumed innocent until proven guilty be a competent court of law. The police should be allowed to conduct their job without undue pressure.