APRC – A Full Fledged Violence Plotter

“The biggest espionage plot of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction party (APRC) is inciting violence against the ruling government supporters. There are numerous wanted murderers and corrupt former APRC officials in America, England, Europe and Senegal. These criminals want to create an environment that will cause Gambians to physically attack the APRC supporters. They will achieve this by provoking ordinary people with insults, stoning, and spraying hot water on people.”


For 22 years, a military dictator turned civilian gangster ran the affairs of the Gambia. Under dictator Yahya Jammeh’s government, the civil service was abused and ripped apart. The current middle managers and supervisors in the system are mostly dictator Jammeh’s hand-picked loyalists who have no loyalty to the Gambia but to Jammeh.

These middle managers are the ones currently engaged in wide scale sabotage mission in National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC), Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited (GAMTEL), Ports Authority, Customs Dept., Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Police, and other sectors of the government. These managers still could not cope with the change that swept away their criminal gang leader.
The electricity supply is disrupted on a daily basis with the pretext that generators are having problems. Everyone knows electricity wasn’t great. What people don’t understand is the way electricity supply get worse in the last one month. The answer lies in the hands of saboteur middle managers and field supervisors at NAWEC who still don’t believe that Dictator Jammeh is history. They decide to become intransigent thus betraying their civil service code of ethics, which is a serious offense.
The KMC has not been functioning for a long time. The Managing Director of KMC has been heard lying about President Barrow in this short period. The same manager has even denied being responsible for the dysfunctional Manjai dump site. Abdication of responsibility is a crime because it reveals failure to conduct duties. this manager needs to be closely watched. He too is another saboteur doing Dictator Jammeh’s mission.
Jammeh’s loyal police officers in certain areas are also failing to arrest APRC criminals on time. This is unacceptable in a New Gambia where prejudicial law enforcement agents are not needed. All prejudicial police officers should be removed and replaced by recruited young, talented Gambians.
“The biggest espionage plot of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction party (APRC) is inciting violence against the ruling government supporters. There are numerous wanted murderers and corrupt former APRC officials in America, England, Europe and Senegal. These criminals want to create an environment that will cause Gambians to physically attack the APRC supporters. They will achieve this by provoking ordinary people with insults, stoning, and spraying hot water on people.”
Such violence actions will provoke people to attack them as a result, the U.S, Europe, will decline to extradite these hardcore criminals. The APRC elements like Yankuba Colley and others are alleged to be behind the sporadic attacks on UDP supporters in order to achieve their game plan.
More military patrols need to be intensified in Foni and Kombo East, more police patrol increased in Talinding, Latrikunda, Faji kunda and any area remnants of APRC criminals want to provoke people.
The rule of law and due process must deal with all criminal saboteurs. The era of oppression and evil tyranny is over. However, this comes with an aftershock to those who occupy undeserved privileged positions.
The government needs to request counseling and psychological help from the United Nations agencies to help with rehabilitating Jammeh’s victims and those addicted to criminal lifestyles and cruelty. The frequent jamborees in Kanilai, the sex parties, the drug and alcohol addiction are issues we need to counsel people on. In less than four months, APRC followers have become mad for lacking the above.
The same madness transcends everywhere. There are many APRC insiders who live in unlawfully seized properties and have since Jammeh’s departure live in mental instability.  There are others who own cars and properties unlawfully. The fear of losing all illegally owned properties has bred fear and mental instability among APRC members.
Hence the media needs to be intelligent in reporting all these issues sensitively. But the Daily Observer editor is deliberately disguising all these problems about the APRC in a bid to serving as the voices of the criminals. The Barrow government has an arduous task to deal with that is why nothing should be taken for granted. Its mission is clear and simple: restore normalcy in a country that found itself caught in one of the worst dictatorships in the world.
Dictatorship has left its footprints on the APRC, a party bereft with a leader and sense of direction. The structures have never existed that is why even Fabakary Tombong Jatta is struggling to shepherd APRC. The only person who lords over the party was Yahya Jammeh who is far away.
Criminals must be extradited. Diaspora Online radio host are alleged to have been paid by some APRC crooks to spread lies and misinformation. The U.S. authorities particularly need to be engaged to weed out online radio host attacking people base on ethnic hatred. It is against U.S federal law to use public platform to abuse others.


  1. Is this from you Max ?

    • Bax , we know APRC leadership are encouraging their supporters to cause violence and stir tribalism in The Gambia. It is only APRC members who sympathize with PDOIS political leadership and they are online and elsewhere to support tribalism and political violence. Example , Bax you are more sympathetic to APRC members and PDOIS political ideology than any of current political parties which strongly played a role to remove jammeh from power. Therefore, your tribal politics of denying of basic statistical fact is not a surprise to me . This is because you have very clearly articulated that the peaceful protest for electoral reform was a distraction and threat to peace and stability of The Gambia at the time . You went further to justify the killing of solo Sanderg because you have advocated and supported jammeh’s regime dictatorial policy that the police has every constitutional rights to maintain law and order. Therefore, from legal perspective in your mind , solo Sanderg was basically responsible for his own death . Based on this evidence on the record here in this forum , if I were you, I will never say anything bad again . Sometimes I wonder why you always wrong on every major decision, events , or political strategy or positions in The Gambia. Here are some of the wrong positions you took here .

      1. Peaceful protest for electoral reform was against the peace and stability of the country, it was a distraction.

      2. You applauded jammeh’s security forces for their heavy handedness on peaceful protesters in the name of maintaining peace and stability in the country at the time .

      3. You condemned December 30 statehouse attackers – our heroes , you called them threat to peace and stability of the country. You even claimed that they failed because they refused to consult relevant players or stakeholders in The Gambia.

      4. You fully endorsed primary election as a mean of selecting presidential candidate for the coalition. That proposal was dumb idea designed to create divisions and maintain jammeh in power.

      5. You offered your sympathy to jammeh and his family but refused to acknowledge the victims of peaceful protest.

      6, you supported Mr Sallah when he condemned Mr mai fatty for saying that jammeh stole millions of dollars.

      7. You denied that Cassamance Jola did vote for jammeh and therefore we shouldn’t be concerned about them as far as our politics is concerned.

      8. You claimed to be PDOIS sympathizer but you write like a strong advocate and supporter of jammeh’s military dictatorship.

      9. You are against military intervention in The Gambia, without which jammeh will still be sitting in statehouse in Banjul .

      Please take a look at all these facts about your political strategy and ideology. Why are you so wrong on all these nine issues? Your position in each of these issues is exactly like APRC . Therefore I can conclude that you are not a supporter of change we have in The Gambia.

      • Look, I just wanted to know whether this article originated from you. Obviously, there are conflicting narrations about the Tallingding incident. Some blame the APRC as the instigators of the violence, whilst others blame the UDP. The author of this article is in no doubt who the culprits are and is even aware of a plan by APRC militants to instigate violence against the APRC supporters. I just to know if you are the author.

        I will not respond to your distortion of my views and outright lies against me. I believe you have been exposed for the fake that you are.

  2. Well said editor..Now it is our job as peace loving citizens to counter them.We fought jammeh, he is gone, we should expect the remnants to engage in sabotaging any new government ALIKALIKOTOLU.The good news is most Gambian know what is at stake here.

  3. Kinteh (kemo)

    To be frank, i don’t see any merits in banning these unruly online radios. I think the gov’t has the means to set the media agenda at home and abroad. They need to be present and a weekly press conference at state house will immediately take the wind out this sensational radios -reporting mostly unsubstantiated stories. They capitalise on the rather laid-back media politics of the gov’t. There need to be a proactive media presense on the part of the president and his press team.

    • I agree. Not only does government need to hold regular press briefings to address issues of concern, it should also monitor all these online broadcasters and engage them directly, where necessary. It would also help if weekly discussion events ( “catchaa/wahtaan” ) are held across the country, with panellist from all walks of life, to discuss the burning issues of the week. The BBC holds several discussion events and my favourites are Question Time on Thursdays and the Big Questions on Sundays. There is no better way of engaging and informing the nation about current issues, than through public discussions fora on radio and TV.

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