What All Jammeh Detainees Must Do

One of our most trusted sources hinted the death of a freed opposition detainee a fortnight ago. Regrettably, this conversation all of a sudden took a deflection, denying us the opportunity to ask the source to elaborate more.

Before the deflection, our trusted source hinted us to be on all ears because something horrible was in the offing. “Watch out! Soon you will hear about the death of an opposition activist. The poison had already done the damage in his system. Just take note of what I’m saying because we’ll come to talk about it,” he said before our conversation was directed to a different issue.

Little did we know the source was mumbling the death of Lang Marong, the imprisoned United Democratic Party (UDP) deputy National Mobiliser. Marong died of stomach complications reportedly arising from poisoning in Mile 2 Central Prisons.

This latest death sent us into long meditation, trying to connect the dots. In that our source’s hint pop up. He was contacted to expand on his earlier scoop. “It’s good that we bounce back on this issue, and I know we will,” the source said. “Take whatever I feed you with because I’m privy to a lot of Yahya Jammeh’s sinister acts. The monster uses poison as his greatest weapon to kill his perceived enemies or opponents. Most people think he only kills with poisoned food. No, his killers sometimes masked themselves and spray poisonous spray in detention facilities,” he said. “I know Lang Marong had been poisoned and was waiting to die,” he said.

The source advised that other “freed prisoners or detainees must go for thorough medical check-up if they want to live longer. Tell Lawyer Ousainou Darboe (leader of UDP and Minister of Foreign Affairs), Amadou Sanneh (Minister of Finance) and released prisoners to go for thorough medical check-up before it is too late. The poison Jammeh’s killers use can be in your system for six months. Let all those detained by the Jammeh regime to go for medical check-up. I know what I’m talking about.”

Since the use of chemical to poison is a crime against humanity, what can be done about anyone who orders, directs or uses hazardous chemical to kill or harm others. Yahya Jammeh knows he must some day answer to his crimes that’s why he prefers to hybernate in Equatorial Guinea. His many crimes will continue to haunt him.


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  1. An online observer did give a warning a long time ago that the freed political prisoners need thorough medical check ups. Why the indifference?