‘Tactical Alliance Is Excellent’

Take a look at it with an eagle’s eye and see through its guaranteed result:
No member of the Coalition will sponsor a candidate in any constituency where the tactical alliance has selected a candidate. This approach will preserve and protect the Coalition spirit as well as the parties and their ideological positions within the Coalition. With this approach, a party will sponsor candidates in areas where it commands the highest support and its Coalition partners would give support and vice versa in the name of the Coalition.
All National Assembly Members elected within the framework of the Tactical Alliance will owe allegiance to their various parties and will support the President and his transition government, in the Coalition spirit.”
This [Tactical Alliance proposal] should guarantee the Coalition at least 30 seats in the legislature and allow for a smooth transitional governance to thrive.
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Bless you all,
Dida Jallow-Halake (SAMBAGATE.COM)


  1. Dida , you are absolutely right . Only people from PDOIS are confused on this topic because they never have common sense practical solutions.

  2. Similar and even better arguments can also be put forth in support of independent coalition candidates.

    ie: the strongest candidate to be presented to represent all (Coalition) and to be supported by all.

    This could equally lead to controlling the assembly with majority required.

    Loyalty will be to coalition reform agenda, which shall be identified by the coalition and supported by their candidates, who will be guided by a coalition “chief whip” or a similar office holder.

    This would have reflected the true coalition spirit of a non partisan joint effort for a three year transition period.

    Nonetheless, a deal to collaborate as a team, through tactical alliance, as agreed by all, through the intervention of the President, is better than none.

    So, attention should now shift to the modality of selection of candidates to ensure fair representation of each group in the assembly, to avoid one group acquiring the majority needed to bulldoze its reform ageda through the House.

  3. “Tactical Alliance” by three Coalition political parry partners undermines the Coalition and wasn’t necessary.

    Coalition team should have selected Constituency selection committees nationwide (for all constituencies) that profile, evaluate, assess and identify strongest or popular candidate from lists of nominees; in each constituency to be registered under banner of Coalition National Assembly Independent candidate,

    I would recommend two to three for each coalition partner across every constituency in Coalition selection committees.

    Coalition team is united front and “Tactical Alliance” (by three political parties from the united front) is a breakaway faction.

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