Why APRC Thugs Need To Be Tamed

Even after the rains have stopped long since the drips continue. That is exactly the case of the former ruling APRC thugs who have been preparing for everything but taste the bitterness of being in the opposition. These people are still living in pains of their demi-God leader’s electoral defeat. Like their satanic bloodletting leader, these thugs have been prepared for a bloodbath in our blessed Gambia. They bought machetes and threatened to cut limbs of coalition supporters when ECOWAS intervention forces attack defiant Jammeh. The world rallied on the side of truth until Yahya Jammeh, the man who wanted to steal President Barrow’s mandate, was forced to relinquish power. The monster who offered his opponents three choices: arrest, murder or exile fled to Equatorial Guinea. The bully claimed to have owned a country where his nationality remains in suspicion. That is how Allah decides. He would turn the tide when mortal beings cross the speech boundary. Jammeh did it countless times and one may wonder why Allah waited for so long.

But the Gambia without Jammeh requires endless celebrations. It is a moment of recovering everything our founding fathers gave us: independence, freedom, equality, social cohesion, etc. All Gambians now need is to get back on their feet and work towards building their fractured country. The Coalition government’s plate is full, which is why attacking thugs must be tamed. Let them understand that politics of physical and verbal attacks perpetrated by Yahya Jammeh has no place in a New Gambia. Those who violate the Public Order Act must face the full face of the law because we cannot afford politics to put our country in flames. What divides us is more than whathe unites us.

Is there anything that is as permanent as change? How many among APRC thugs understand this fact? If others could take the pains of being in the opposition for more than two decades without being violent, why are APRC thugs so impatient. Get prepared, learn fast and master the life of an opposition.



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