Mile 2 Exposes Jammeh’s Cruelty

Ousted President Yahya Jammeh’s wickedness will continue to be slowly peeled off. As the Mandinka people say, you cannot beat the drum when the drummer has his foot on the beating stick. Now that the Jammeh regime is gone, nothing can stop it’s dirty linen from being exposed. The regime’s supporters will be up and arm to exercise the free speech Jammeh has denied Gambians from enjoying. In so doing, they will attempt to defend the regime’s record. That is a fair game in a democracy whose pillars hinge on freedom of expression. But it will be intetesting how Jammeh’s supporters are going to defend the horrible conditions of the prisons as evidenced by the photos and complaints of prisoners. The photos and videos evidently prove that Mile 2 cells are not meant for even animals, let alone human beings. It is hell on earth where prisoners are denied all their fundamental rights and treated like donkeys. We will do exactly what the Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty did: offer apologies to prisoners because they too are human beings who deserve better treatment. The world now understands why the Jammeh regime was bent on denying national and international observers from having acess to all the prisoners. The wickedness is beyond human imagination. Jammeh and his heartless gang must reap what they planted. We concur with Minister Fatty that regular official visit is paramount but we want his ministry to go extra mile by doing a complete overhaul of the entire prison system or administration. While similar familiarization visits should be extended to other prisons across the country, prisons administration must be invited for questioning. This is unacceptable in any civilised nation.


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