Gamtel Director Under Fire

The managing director of the Gambia Telecommunications Limited (Gamtel) is currently shuttling between his office and gateway keeping offices trying to clean up his soiled financial records. Baboucarr Sanyang was appointed to the position to defend the interest of ousted President Yahya Jammeh.

“Mr. Sanyang and his gang of corrupt officers in Gamtel and Gamcel have been holding secret meetings, brainstorming on how to cover their tracks,” a reliable source said. “In fact, Sanyang is in the habit of locking himself in his office for hours trying to bury evidence of his corrupt financial practice. He had earlier been questioned at the Ministry of Finance about the gateway contracts. Since President Barrow’s election, Sanyang barely stays in his office. He has been running up and down like a confused person,” one Gamtel source said.

Sanyang told Finance Ministry officials that he had singlehandedly signed the gateway contract. The gateway, the single biggest source of revenue for Gamtel, has been contracted several times to outsiders since Yahya Jammeh came to power. It is currently contracted to Swiss friends of one Bala Jasseh. With the gateway out of Gamtel hands, the once financially strong company has been struggling to meet its financial obligations. The gateway brings over $4 million dollars monthly.

“Through Saul Badjie (former head of Republican Guards) Gamtel director was able to prevail over ousted Gambian president,” said a source who accused Baboucarr of sharing the kickbacks with Jammeh and his (Baboucarr’s) gang of thieves.

“All Barrow government should do is to act fast because Baboucarr has been embarking on a clean up mission. He should be asked about who are the signatories to the gateway account at Central Bank. He should also tell how much is in that account. If Barrow government is not smart enough, these thieves will get away with their crimes.”

Shortly after President Barrow won the election, Baboucarr was cleared by State House to go for conference in Switzerland but that was far from the truth. He was not seen at the conference; his mission there was to see gateway keepers to undo his mess.


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