Amadou Samba Sneaks Back Into Gambia … With Sidia Bayo!!! Faces Lawsuits and Travel Ban

Yahya Jammeh’s right-hand man and self-styled “Jammeh Manager”, Amadou Samba sneaked into The Gambia last night on the Brussels Airline flight from Dakar, Senegal.

Amadou, erstwhile Chairman of Gambia’s Judicial Services Commission (JSC) and also Chairman of the government-owned Social Security & Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC), appeared worried and looked around furtively as he boarded a truck owned by an airport worker by the name of Ousainou Taal and got whisked to the VIP lounge from where he was driven at high speed to one of his many homes around Banjul.

Travel Ban And Investigation

The information coming from Banjul is that the new government of President Barrow had cleared Samba’s return as a citizen of The Gambia subject to the laws of the land. The government had specifically refused to offer any immunities from prosecution in return for Amadou Samba’s offer to cooperate in the uncovering of the financial and political mess left behind by Yahya Jammeh – the dictator mentored/”managed” by Amadou Samba. It is understood that the new State Intelligence Service (SIS) and indeed the Gambian Police who have been involved over the years in various cases involving Mr. Samba are to “invite him for an interview”.

Lawsuits from aggrieved members of the Business Community

Dozens of businesses and properties were unlawfully seized and closed down during Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year dictatorship. Individuals, families and even whole communities in areas such as Brusubi and the so-called Jammeh Rice-Fields were disposed of their lands and properties. This writer recorded a row with Amadou Samba when this writer refused point blank to cover the story of the so-called Paradise Estate where many people had been dispossessed. Lawsuits from the aggrieved await Amadou in droves.

Stay tuned. This is a developing story.

Dida Halake.

Below is the e-mail received from Banjul this morning:

Mr. Halake

Amadou Samba arrived in The Gambia the same time as Sheikh Sidia Bayo.
Upon his arrival the Jammeh Manager was very timid like a wet chicken looking left and right as if something bizarre was about to happen.

Meanwhile a person that we understand to be Ousainou Taal who was involved in numerous land and plot deals was in a corner giving him the all clear.

He was whisked to VIP section of the airport and to his surprise he bumped into the man himself Sheikh Sidia Bayo with his entourage and bodyguards. Amadou was so scared that Round 2 was about to take place that he hurriedly went into the toilet to ease himself and hide.

When he came out to exit he was avoiding to even sit in the lounge and he was again zoomed through into a pick up van out of the airport straight to his home.

Since his arrival he has not been seen in public and has limited his movements as he knows the coast is not yet clear and it is just a matter of time.



  1. As he was looking at all corners he was thinking that he will be arrested as he landed because that’s what his so-called boss used to do. Nothing will happen to you Mr. Samba, Gambia is now part of the modern world. Just clarify your self what comes around goes around that’s why you are looking every where as you landed. We are in new Gambia, if you don’t do anything nothing will happen to you. But you will face the truth and reconciliation commission as president Barrow says.

  2. As he was looking at all corners he was thinking that he will arrested as he landed because that’s his so called boss used to do.nothing will happen to you mr samba Gambia is now part of the modern world . just clarify your self what comes around goes around that’s y you are looking every where as you landed we are in new gambia if you don’t do anything nothing wil happened to you. But you will face the truth and reconciliation commission asnmr president Barrow says.

  3. Dormu Rewwum Gambia (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)

    Here is another story in Freedomnewspaper. This is why the new Barrow Government needs the likes of Amadou Samba and the MDs and Ministers BACK in The Gambia. Amadou Samba was the Chairman of Social Security & Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) and I understand that this D57 million was only “chicken change”. SSHFC lost much, more over the 22 years of Jammeh’s rule, as did the Gambia Ports Authority, NAWEC, etc.

    Confession of an MD – When Amadou Samba collected 50,000 from my Daily Observer “for” Kanilai (from Dr Taal just before I arrived), I DEMANDED it back and REPORTED it to police for investigation. Amadou Samba showed his check for Kanila Job Lebanese to Inspector Sanyang – and he was let go while I was detained for fourteen more days!!!! That was Amadou’s and Jammeh’s Gambia.

    SAMBAGATE.COM will be up in a week, to chronicle these evils of the Jammeh Era.

    February 2, 2017
    Freedom Newspaper

    Gambia: Social Security Wasted D57 million Pensioners’ Funds Building Expensive Bungalows In Kanilai

    Dear Mr. Mbai,

    Now that the Kanilai monster has been dethroned, it would be interesting to inform Gambians that Social Security constructed over forty 3-bedroom bungalows at Kanilai at a total cost of over D 57 million wasting huge amount of pensioners’ retirement funds for this wasteful project. The houses are there to be verified.

    I would urge you to do a thorough investigations about this and expose them.

    The new government of President should constitute a commission to look into the massive mishandling of public funds and hold all the enablers accountable in order to pay back all the moneys stolen by the former dictator. He should be charged with Economic Crime.

    It is important to also find out all those ministers, directors and heads of institutions who were given free allocation of land at the Burusubi extension which was formerly an industrial reserved area converted as residential plots and given to any newly appointed ministers or directors of the previous government obviously with the approval of Yahya Jammeh. These plots were given free of charge and Social Security will pay for the legal and processing fees of D28, 000.00 for each allocation measuring 18 x 25 for directors and 20 x 25 for cabinet ministers.

    This is a big scandal that needs to be investigated as well as a gross violation of Social Security rules and regulations. SSHFC allocation are only meant for those who have no means of owing their own compounds. Every minister in the previous government has been given free allocation by the Social Security when already they all have their own compounds. Please find out for confirmation from the MD. You can also look into the millions of dalasis that were spent sponsoring the APRC and Yahya Jammeh’s political campaigns since 2001. These moneys belong to the people. It is very sad to see a widow who has been going up and down our office for the past two years to get the entitlements of her deceased husband who passed away three years living six children behind. You see how wicked these greedy Jammeh’s loyalists can be.

    Thank you. Please keep me confidential.

    Written By An Insider

    • All these informations are breath taking. The worst amongst its kinds of the scandal GATES.

      Dormu Rewwum Gambia aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi aka Insider! Seriously speaking, you need to be kept confidential.

  4. Yahya Jammeh can sue Amadou in Gambia for monies owed, seizure of his properties title deeds and most importantly he can write a personal letter explaining his dealings directly to Adama Barrow. This way at least his side can be heard.