10 Gambian Ministers Take Oath

President Adama Barrow today presided over the swearing in ceremony of ten newly appointed ministers at Kairaba Beach Hotel.

Below are the names of ministers and director of press and public relations at the Office of President.

  1. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, Minister of Foreign Affairs, External Relations and Gambians Abroad. Darboe led the main opposition United Democratic Party since it was founded in August 1996. President Adama Barrow became the party’s candidate when Mr. Darboe was imprisoned on trump up charge last year. His only crime – if there was any- was to lead a protest demanding Solo Sandeng [UDP’s Organising Secretary who was tortured to death] to be produced dead or alive. The lawyer with over 40 years of legal practice experience was released to a hero’s welcome few days after Barrow had won December 1st presidential election.

  2. Dr. Isatou Touray, Minister of Trade, Industry and Regional Integration is a prominent women’s rights activist until last year when she dabbled in politics. She declared her intention to run as an independent presidential candidate. She decided to join President Barrow’s winning coalition that sent former President Yahya Jammeh packing.

  3. Lawyer Mai Fatty – Minister of Interior. The founder leader of the Gambia Moral Congress is a career lawyer who remains committed to ending the Jammeh dictatorship. Fatty, a very smart lawyer, is also a victim of Yahya Jammeh’s brutality. His political activism had gone beyond Gambian borders.

  4. Amadou Sanneh, Ministrr of Finance and Economic Affairs, was a treasurer of the United Democratic Party until he was convicted on sedition. After spending three and a half in jail, the career former civil servant accountant was released last Tuesday.

  5. Henry Gomez, the leader of Gambia People’s Democratic Party has been appointed the Youth and Sports Minister. Despite spending most of his time abroad, Gomez proves his love for the Gambia by engaging in the country’s politics. His party too is a partner of President Barrow’s coalition.

  6. Hamat Bah, Minister of Tourism and Culture, is a former hotelier who bags a wealth of experience in tourism. The founder leader of the opposition National Reconciliation Party has been an active politician since the formation of his party in 1996. His party is another coalition partner.

  7. Omar Jallow is the new Minister of Agriculture. Mr. Jallow, the leader of the ousted People’s Progressive Party, was also a parliamentarian and Minister of Agriculture in the Jawara regime. The man affectionately called OJ has been arbitrarily detained and tortured by the Jammeh dictatorship. However, OJ remains resolute in his quest fight and conquer tyranny through the ballot box.

  8. Lamin N. Dibba, the Minister for Lands and Regional Government, was the Propaganda Secretary of the main opposition United Democratic Party. The Baddibu Salikenni native is a long time opposition activist who was jailed alongside Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and others.

  9. James FP Gomez, Minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters, is a former Mayor of Banjul during the days of the PPP. Much is not known about a man many desctibe as a great listener, honest and devout Christian.

  10. Lamin B Dibba is the Minister of Forestry, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources.

  11. Amie Bojang-Sissoho – A career broadcaster and gender activist is the Director of Press Office of the President. Mrs Bojang-Sissoho is an activist partner of Trade Minister Dr. Isatou Touray. The duo has been championing the cause of Gambian women, especially in the fight against harmful traditional practices affecting women.



  1. I nominate Lamin J Darboe for Attorney General, Chief Justice, or Director of Public Prosecutions

  2. I think Mr Sallah should be considered for the Secretary General and head of civil servants.

  3. So far, the selection of the new cabinet seems very encouraging. I’m curious about the rest which has to be yet selected. My humble prayers go to the His Excellency the president of the third Republic of the Gambia and his entire cabinet. May Allah the Almighty Guide, Protect and Bless them all.

  4. With their credentials, experience and commitment, we can be hopeful that these appointees will be up to the task and they meant best for The Gambia and her neighbors. May Allah’s blessings and guidance be with you all. May you all be guided, have patience and foresight at your task.

  5. Looks like a line up of very matured and experienced citizens ready for work. Impressive and promising.

    If Mr. Sallah should be considered for secretary general and head of civil service, I think @Maxs should be considered the new secretary general of the PDOIS……but Kamalo, Bax, Yerro and Dawda’s help might be needed in selecting him as the new boss.

    • Ggapm , if I lead pdois I will have to change their political strategy into more modern democratic approach. Otherwise the party won’t be successful. I will start by changing their talking points into simple and brief statements for the people to understand. Nowadays people don’t have time to read long and boring thesis. Mr Sallah will be good head of civil services because he is good at institutional process and procedures.

      • Maxs, Nteri Kaffo Hegemony is raising its Ugly head again and you talked about “Jola Hegemony” in the Military. Now, you see no evil, hear no evil and all but Paddkocked your mouth. With Contempt and inbred Malfeasance, Mai Fatty and Co , with their Uncle Macky Sall, have Highjacked the Gambian Constitution and rendered it a Document of Convenience. The only sure thing however, is the Constancy and Inevitability of Change. And Change will Sweep away from the Gambian Stage, the Impostors of LEADERSHIP, who Absconded, Ran Away to Senegal when things got a bit in the Gambia. So typical and Predictable. I cry for the Beloved Gambia. For the Vultures and Hyenas are in the drivers Seat. Hold on GAMBIANS and GAMBIA, this is going to be a Ruff and Tumble Ride. I pray we make it in One Piece as One Gambia, One People and One Destiny.

        • Sidi N. Bojang , you are a tribalist and a bigot to say the least . The appointments of new leadership positions in the cabinet are diverse and it truly reflect the aspirations and will of Gambian people. You are a jammeh supporter . When you were fighting for change , no one ever see you here . Currently we have indigenous Jola as the head of our military and I think it is wise move to have Mr Badjie as the head while the structural and institutional sanitization is done . In your tribal mindset , you must remember that many of these people have sacrificed their lives for the change we currently have . These are well qualified citizens. They have the educational and moral qualifications and values to serve our country in any capacity. They have leadership temperament and skills in this period to lead our country in their various roles. So please spare us with your nonsensical classification of their appointments as tribal related .

    • Ggapm….APRC needs a leader. That’s where Max should try his luck. PDOIS is in good hands.

      • Bax , APRC knew that I have played a very important role to the downfall of their evil leader , therefore I am their worst enemy. For the record I have personally made several calls to most of the National Assembly members in the country to convince them to dump their despicable leader during peaceful protests but 99.9 % of them were all afraid to speak to me on the phone . Remember that I posted the phone numbers of all the National Assembly members as well as NIA operation and analysis unit at the time here in kaironews. APRC nominated member seedy Njie and Babou sonko were the biggest coward ever . These loud mouths are just interested in their personal interest . There is no sector in Jammeh’s terror machine in the country that I have not made frequent calls to ensure that they stopped human rights violations. So Bax I can’t be in the same party with heartless citizens. I have great profession and I am proud to make difference in people’s lives daily. Politics is just something like to discuss in my free time and I do not think I can ever lead any political party . I would like to continue to hold our elected leaders accountable and make difference in the lives of indigenous citizens .
        In fact I am happy to see Mr fatty as interior minister because I am hopeful that he will make significant changes in the law enforcement agencies in the country so that our security services truly reflect the aspirations and will of indigenous citizens and get rid of cassamance rebel infiltrates in our national security. Likewise I like the appointment of General Kinteh to ensure that not only the security of our president is well taken care of but to work with national security leadership so that we have professional security services in the country. Mr Barrow made great appointments so far and I would like to see two Pdois members in the cabinet . I like to see Mr Sallah to be appointed as head of civil services because he is a patriotic who cares about the institutional process and procedures. I only don’t like his approach to fighting dictatorship we defeated .

      • @Bax ,Seems there are lot more prominent aspirants for an Aprc leadership than @Max. Max over time have differed from the PDOIS’s dogmatic political strategies and ideologies but his concentrated criticism of the PDOIS, especially its leadership indicates some PDOIS die-hard partisanship in him. Maybe you should leave the Aprc leadership issue alone because you’ll see more canditates for that post than you would be able believe.
        I like the scriptual saying in a reconstruction like; DO no evil, SPEAK no evil, SEE no evil. It is a wonderful recipee to self-integrity. It is my conviction that we are very likely to speak evil for our evil deeds and so we see evil. Nteri Kafo Nteri Kafo Nteri Kafo! A gambia of democracy and rule of law where the freedom of expression of opinion is already in act as a citizens foundamental rights.
        Great to learn from fellow citizens even though one is without the least idea who they are.

    All Appointees should be ready to commit to their duties which lines to the norms and ethics of the office for which they have been sworned to. Gambians are waiting with expectations.
    we are on Marathon wishing for coaliation to reach successfully.

  7. Can you kindly publish the full biographies of all the cabinet members without favouring or being bias to anyone. In this new era of the republic, we as gambians deserve to know every imformation about the patriots who are meant to lead us, both negative and positive so we can form our own judgment. Some information can be found online but not all.

  8. We the Gambians abroad are very happy with the latest developmennts in our country. There is lot of work for the new President.He needs at least 5 years to lay the foundation because the dictator destroyed our country in all aspect

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