Yahya Jammeh Dries Gambia’s Coffers

Shortly before leaving for exile in Equatorial Guinea, the Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh ran the country’s coffers dry. He withdrew D500 million dalasi from the Central Bank. It is not known how much is left in the national coffers.

“According to information we received, there is no money in the coffers,” Gambian President Adama Barrow told Senegal’s RFM. “It’s what we have been told, but the day we actually take office we will clarify all of it.”

At a press conference in Dakar at the weekend, a senior adviser of President Barrow accused Jammeh of stealing over US$11 million dollars two weeks before his final days in office.

“The Gambia is in financial distress. The coffers are virtually empty. That is a state of fact,” Mai Ahmad Fatty said. “It has been confirmed by technicians in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Gambia.”

Yahya Jammeh, who ruled the Gambia for 22 years, lost the presidential election in December last year. He accepted defeated and congratulated his opponent Adama Barrow only to recant a week later. Mr. Jammeh’s reversal has plunged the country into weeks of political impasse.



  1. This satanic despot is REALLY REALLY WICKED and HEARTLESS. Even when he’s leaving into exil he feels so jealous and can stomach to see Gambians coming together to build the nation, instead he embezzled the remaining tax payers/nation money and went with it. Jammeh, if you take that does not belong to you, is called theft’ and you a BIG SHAMELESS WICKED and HEARTLESS stinking thief. God is watching.

    • Thanks brother he was never good for our great nation The Gambia. Allah SWT will pay for his Action

  2. A bad start to a presidency – How incompetent to was to allow this to happen in the first place? For a people who have fought and prevailed against Ebola, you would think ensuring a departing president departs only with what is his and no more would be like a walk in the park – yes even, or more so, given what transpired.

    At this rate of willful neglect one would be forgiven for asking what hope is there for Gambia? Could we by default be ushering another Jammeh come back in a few years ?

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and we have so far failed to be vigilant

  3. They should investigate if it has no similarities with the case of the Gounhgsu/whatever bank robbers in China. The story is taken off the Kairo front page!
    The Ecowas should help with the truth and reconciliation process to take force as soon as possible. The later it becomes the more the new Gambian dreams get shady.