Jammeh’s Last Minute Plot To Poison Coalition Leaders

When Yahya Jammeh knew there was no way he could have stolen President Adama Barrow’s mandate, he started hatching his evil plots, aimed principally at eliminating Adama Barrow’s coalition leadership.  This will prove his blind supporters’ belief that “the Gambia without Yahya Jammeh is doomed.” Yahya Jammeh was not prepared for life after presidency, knowing fully the amount of doom that awaited him. Filled with anger, confusion and hatred for not being ejected from office without accomplishing his sinister plans, the former Gambian President decided “to fill air conditioners at State House with deadly powdered poisonous chemical he had bought in Iran.”

The expose comes barely three days after Jammeh was forced to relinguish power. In a message possessed by Kairo News, an anonymous Jammeh close staff revealed that the former leader has filled air conditioners in offices and bedrooms at State House in Banjul.

All Yahya Jammeh wants is to trick the world to believe that he (Jammeh) is endowed with mystical power capable of eliminating the “coalition opposition leaders who cheated me at the polls.” The secret trap to get coalition leaders, including President Adama Barrow inhale or breathe the poisonous chemical once they assume office, is among the many revelations Gambians are expecting to hear in a post-Jammeh era.

The advice for the new government is to conduct a thorough inspection at State House and replace furniture, including air conditioners. Whoever thinks Jammeh will leave State House in tact must be joking. Gambians will for a long time live with evil Yahya Jammeh’s threats. They will now understand why President Barrow is yet to set foot at State House.



  1. I think if we play into such scaremongering, the same fear that dictated our lives for 2 decade will continue. President Barrow does not need to reside directly in Jammeh’s bedroom right away. The office must be cleared and Barrow can commute in the meantime while the residential area is being ” cleansed “. Gambians await the new president on the Gambian soil and it doesn’t matter where he resides. It is also a very crucial symbolic issue that the people see him in the Gambia and he speak directly to the people via radio or television. His physical presence is required right now to prevent a vacuum and further frustration of the populace.

    • No matter how we want him to be back, his safety is very important. The reason Ecowas came in, is to guarantee his safety. So it is important that they give him the go ahead. If he defy their orders and just jump into the country, it defeats the whole purpose. We will definitely see a whole lot more of Barrow. Who knows where the missing weapons are, will there be an ambush someday. So this tough we got to be patient.

  2. Gambian activists in diaspora have done excellent job to ensure that Dictator Yaya Jammeh was not only exposed for his evil and barbaric nature as the leader of military dictatorship but also his despicable regime was replaced by Democratic elected government in The Gambia. Former president must not be allowed to live a comfortable life in exile . Yaya Jammeh living a comfortable life in exile is denial of justice for his victims and their families. The purpose of activism is to ensure justice and rule of law prevails for the victims and their families. Yaya jammeh running away from accountability and justice should motivate Gambian people and international community to take the fight to Equatorial Guinnea where Yaya Jammeh is given political asylum. This is simply based on moral responsibility of every decent human being who care about justice and rule of law to be respected and prevailed in anywhere especially in Equatorial Guinnea where there is no democracy and its citizens has been living under dictatorship for 34 years. Fighting for justice in Equatorial Guinnea will also make life of former president a miserable one. When Gambian state and her citizenry were living under dictatorial and repressive rule , we were also supported and helped by well meaning and concerned citizens of the world. It is time for Gambian people to pay back Good Samaritan support to international community so that democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law prevail in other countries. One of the most repressive citizens in the world are People of Equatorial Guinnea who need the assistance of Gambian people for the replacement of their long serving Dictator by democratic leadership in their country. To achieve such a noble goal, Gambian Diaspora should collaborate with the opposition leaderships in Equatorial Guinea in the fight for the removal of that Country’s Dictatorship from power . Serious Campaign should begin in this effort to highlight and expose the brutal nature of Equatorian Dictator and his regime to the rest of civilized world and why Yaya jammeh has chosen Equatorial Guinnea as his new home . The citizens of Equatorial Guinnea needs to be educated about our defeated and cruel dictator and how Jammeh was disposed from power . Various human rights groups in that country must also be involved and collaborate with Gambian activists to expose the corrupt and brutal nature of Equatorial Dictator along with the defeated and expelled Gambian Dictator . The regime change in Equatorial Guinnea will ensure that Dictator Jammeh will be a stateless man and it will also result to his extradition to Gambia or third country to face justice.
    Gambian media houses can help in this efforts by focusing their attention on exile leader and his host who are both human rights abuser and corrupt despot. The fight for justice is not over until the former Gambian tyrant is homeless and rejected by the rest of civilized world to face justice in The Gambia.

  3. I think the state house and many places around the country as a whole should be hi-tech tested for possible radioctivity. The is no diddle fiddle imagination but for the sake of preventing a national disaster and to assure that Gambia is a harzardous-chemical free country. His adviser; her wife, is an organised criminal element who is capable of staking 2m people of the Gambia for a diamond necklace. It it not a smear at her image because of emotions. Gambians will learn more about this woman Zeinab in the near future. She probably was a belly dancer plus in Libya, the type that is used to lure dictators’ enemies to cowardly death traps.
    Jammeh has promised a part of the population death and said it will not be by his errand PIU, NIA or JUNGULLARS of the militia etc., but on their own this time soon before they would live to see a change of his lunatic regime in the Gambia.