Caution For President Barrow

Caution Mr President! Please do not say any more on this [former President Yahya Jammeh dried state coffers] or any other matters until you get into office and can verify every information for yourself. We must remember that the current “government” or its remnants, is the construct of Yaya Jammeh and no one knows what strategies have been put in place to undermine the new coalition government.

Yaya Jammeh and his APRC still has hundreds of thousands of supporters and “false” information in their hands could be very damaging to the credibility of the new government. I humbly and kindly urge those who have access to Hon. Mai Fatty to prevail on him to take it slow and be very cautious of information coming from “technocrats” within the Jammeh constructed team.

We understand and appreciate their desire to be open and transparent but they must be wary of the possibility of “misinformation” coming from “technocrats”, probably singlehandedly chosen by Jammeh, to serve his interest. After all, they may be very well complicit in any theft of public funds, if they failed to follow established rules and regulations contained in the Financial Instructions (FI) and other laws of The Gambia that regulate disbursement of state finances.

Congratulations to the entire team and all Gambians for the mature and peaceful manner this whole impasse was handled and dealt with. The Gambia has set an example that all should learn from to avoid bloodshed in resolving political crisis, even the most complex ones. We should all be proud because we, the people, are the winners.




  1. Bax , As you have indicated that Yaya jammeh has hundred of thousands of supporters with fake information. I hope you are not one of them lol. Haha . Please no sympathy for Yaya jammeh. It is well known fact that jammeh stole millions of dollars from our indigenous people. So people must be informed and this is what the leadership is doing.

  2. I do share Bax’s cautionary message. Wait until you are on the ground and feed journalist or wider media which of course is hungry for every detail. I think priority must be directed at the efforts to get the president on the ground and for the work to begin. Mr. Fatty is doing a great job, advising the president on a whole range of issues, especially the legal aspect of the presidency, which is very crucial at this very trying time. Nevertheless, information going out – until the president is on the ground-should be guarded.