Rebel Leader Jammeh Is Cornered; Gambians Smell ‘Blood’

The ideal scenario is for ECOMIG troops to hand over Yahya Jammeh to Gambians so he could be kept in secure location. Gambians want him to disclose the whereabouts of every single victim, every single atrocity committed by his rogue regime be answered. Right now, the ECOWAS mediators will be made aware of the desired position of Gambians that Yahya Jammeh be arrested and handed over to Gambians. However, the mediators who are well experienced in international conflict resolution will look at the best ways to get the Gambia out of this complex scenario. For now, the loud chorus is: please give us Dictator Jammeh!

The pains and anger inflicted on the population by the mad dog former leader is so intense. Gambians don’t want to settle for anything but his imprisonment in the Gambia and eventual public trial. Our ideal position is for ECOWAS to hand over Yahya Jammeh to Gambians…we will all raise our voice topressure them to hand over Yahya Jammeh to Gambians to put him on trial. They want him to disclose the location and whereabouts of all victims.

Internation mediators are working on defusing a potential dangerous situation so that, the political problem can be resolved without loss of life and property. Gambians are encouraged to look into other conflict scenarios and learn lessons.

Yahya Jammeh was alleged to be involved in a coup attempt against Alpha Conde of Guinea; the same man backed ddfeated Laurent Gbagbo of Cote d’Ivoire. Certainly, Yahya Jammeh is a thorn in the flesh of even people far away.

Moroco will comply with AU because they want join AU, Mauritania looking to be accepted in ECOWAS and become respected. Yahya Jammeh is properly cornered…

Yahya Jammeh will not be forgiven for all his crimes. Under the law, the victim families and surviving victims have every right to sue Mr Yahya Jammeh and his henchmen and women wherever they are.

Every country of the world has a criminal justice system. Senegal put Hussain Habre through their courts and he is in jail. Charles Taylor was extradited from Nigeria and jailed. No victim of Yahya Jammeh will forgive him or grant him clemency. Yahya Jammeh will face to all his crimes.

A commission will be set up to document all atrocities, a log of properties seized on false basis, the ill-gotten wealth, the murders and tortures…Gambians are facing up to a new reality.

Let us allow the rule of law to quench our taste for Justice. It is only through the courts that order can be maintain, the state will exist without retribution against anyone.

The depth of Jammeh’s crimes is not yet fully known. A day of national mourning will happen after we get over the initial happiness. The damages and havoc Mr Jammeh has caused will make every single sober Gambian to shed tears..Justice will be done..It is a wonderful feeling to be even contemplating putting Jammeh on trial, and thanks to the fortutude and dedication of every Gambian, let us count ourselves lucky to achieve this result.

Suntou Touray



  1. I suspect ‘mass graves” (disused water wells), and may be sexual crimes on a massive scale (Jungulars Motto was – Work hard and **** hard). Please excuse my French.

  2. Rumen Yanakiev

    Kill the killer Jameh

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