Yahya Jammeh Still Counting Losses

With only two days left in office, Yahya Jammeh still thinks he can keep the Presidential Crown. Instead of accepting defeat and allow everyone to breathe air of peace, Jammeh stays awake brainstorming on how to execute his plots. He declared public statement upon statement aimed at conflicting the Gambian mind. He annulled the election results and called for fresh election to be held by God-fearing electoral commission before lodging a petition in an empty Supreme Court. Despite going through unimaginable amount of bastardisation, Jammeh’s rubberstamping parliament spare the provision on the Supreme Court. Had Jammeh known, he would have tampered with the constitution so that a single judge presides over cases at the Supreme Court. As a mortal being, Jammeh is not privy to the unknown even though he makes many Gambians believe he (Jammeh) lives in the spiritual world. He is good at reading gullible minds and setting up people.

What the heck is wrong with Jammeh’s legal team? Even those with no legal background know that Jammeh’s injunction that seeks to bar Adama Barrow from being sworn in is full of loopholes.

Yahya Jammeh has inundated everyone with his balderdash. Chief Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle too has had enough of it. He has been looking for a loophole. However, Jammeh’s legal team has made his job simple when Justice Fagbenle becomes a subject in the legal injunction. This was like a manna from heaven. All the Chief Justice did in his Monday ruling was to recuse himself from the case thus dealing a blow to Jammeh’s wishes to stay in office until May when the Supreme Court will be properly consituted.

Yahya Jammeh is addicted to plotting and will not rest until ECOWAS forces fish him out. By then he will wake up from his long slumber. When shall Yahya Jammeh and his crying APRC people stop counting their losses? The rain has stopped long since but these troublemakers want driping to continue.


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