Gambia Military Witch-Hunt Begins; 2 Captains Picked Up

Captain Demba Baldeh

Kairo News has confirmed the beginning of the Gambia’s outgoing President Yahya Jammeh’s witch-hunt aimed at military officers at Fajara Barracks. The unexplained arrest and detention of Captains Bubacarr Bah and Demba Baldeh, according to their colleagues, is a calculated attempt by the desperate Jammeh regime to “kill the morale of Fajara soldiers who refuse to support Yahya Jammeh’s illegal efforts to remain in power.” Majority of Gambian soldiers have vowed to defend their country but not Jammeh who has only few days left in office.

Jammeh lost the December 1st election to the coalition candidate Adama Barrow. He conceded defeat and congratulated the opponent but took back his words a week later. Since then Jammeh has been plotting to stay in power through whatever dubious means. Jammeh’s options have narrowed because his constitutional mandate expires on January 18th. Ahead of a possible military intervention by ECOWAS forces, Jammeh and his allies in crime are planning to “weed out” any soldier that remains disloyal to the defeated leader. General Saul Badjie, the Commander of the Republican National Guard last week visited military barracks in the Greater Banjul Area threatening to “weed out any disloyal soldier on January 15.” The arrest of Captains Bah and Baldeh was therefore waiting to happen. Without explanation, the two Captains were whisked away by men loyal to General Badjie. Nicknamed CEFO (Combat Equipment Fighting Order), Captain Baldeh is the Second in Command Battalion Commander in Fajara.

Meanwhile, sources said Baldeh and Bah were escorted to State House. “The two Captains were accused of supporting Adama Barrow’s incoming Coalition government,” one State House source told Kairo News.


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