‘I’m Not A Threat To Islam’

Cherno Jallow: I’m not a Threat to Islam!

I once made a video and posted it on social media explaining how President Yahya Jammeh blackmailed some prominent Gambians, including religious leaders. In the said video, I explained how the outgoing President recruited beautiful women to lure these unsuspecting people into indecent act [sex]. They would be filmed by secret cameras while in the act. Jammeh would have copies of the video and invite the lured person to a room for viewing. Once the person confirmed his act, Jammeh would threaten to release the video to the public any time the person betrays or criticises him. I said in the video that this is why some people, including bearded religious leaders, worship Jammeh. They know he can destroy their lives within a twinkle of an eye. What choice do they have other than remain submissive to him even if he insults them? I only talk based on the information I have been privy to. But to my surprise, I have become a threat to some religious leaders whose talibes have been calling my phone. They accused me of being a Threat to Islam. I understand their frustration, pain and fear have been built around their perceived belief that I possess these videos. But I want to allay their fears that I don’t have access to the videos. I only narrated what I have been told, although I won’t say the source of my information. I hope this write-up will help allay the fears, pains and frustration of these religious leaders. I think any aggrieved person should turn daggers at the man who conspired with beautiful women to lure them into indecent act. Even after changing my phone number, I still receive threatening calls. Please stop the threats on my life because I don’t deserve them. I’m not a Threat to Islam.

Cherno Jallow


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