Angered By Sheriff’s Escape, President Jammeh Threatens Ministers

The escape of the Gambia’s Information Minister has reportedly shocked President Yahya Jammeh to the bone. Even more disturbing to Mr. Jammeh was the online publication that five other cabinet ministers were on the verge of following the footsteps of Sheriff Bojang. It was for this reason, Kairo News sources said, President Jammeh last night invited his ministers to an impromptu emergency meeting. His message to them was very clear: “whoever betrays me will definitely pay bitter consequences.” The outgoing President who recanted his defeat concession vented anger on Sheriff Bojang, blaming him for betraying him during this tough and trying time. Jammeh was not specific about his threats but he meant them, our source added. With a firm voice, he said whoever among the ministers escape will live to regret it. Jammeh wants his cabinet members to stand in solidarity with him when according to him, threats of invasion loom over the country. He said none of them thought of escaping or quitting when things were sweet. “Just do it, you will regret it even after I am not alive,” Mr. Jammeh was quoted as saying, insisting that his decision to hold on to power was meant to “defend the cabinet ministers.” He said if he were selfish he would have left the ministers at the mercy of the incoming administration. How many times did he fire ministers without a just cause? Security agents are reportedly combing into the phone records of cabinet members to establish whether Minister Bojang had phoned any of them before or after he had arrived in Senegal. It looks like Jammeh’s ministers have rope hanging on their neck. Who will bail out these ministers?


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