General Saul Badjie Threatens Soldiers

President Yahya Jammeh’s Republican National Guard Commander this afternoon toured military barracks of Fajara and Yundum warning soldiers to be prepared for consequences of being disloyal to the outgoing President.

General Saul Badjie [birth name Karafa Bojang] expects “all soldiers to fight and defend Yahya Jammeh” whose lust for power knows no boundaries. “My message is very clear: all soldiers must fight for President Jammeh when invading forces come. Whoever is loyal to Jammeh must stay at the barracks throughout. Whoever is disloyal must stay away from the barracks after January 15th,” General Badjie said in a defiant tone. “We are going to weed out all disloyal soldiers within our ranks after this date.”

No one directly confronted Saul Badjie on his threats. Soldiers just laughed off as soon as the general without any serious military experience left. They have seen and lived with so many threats since Jammeh came to power. “We are neither concerned nor threatened by Saul Badjie’s rants,” soldiers told Kairo News. “We have seen desperation in his tone. None of us is going anywhere. If Saul Badjie doesn’t stop his nonsense, we will circumcise him. We are not fighting for Jammeh who has lost legitimacy. The Gambia is our concern and not an individual.”

Until his promotion to General few years back, Saul Badjie was a Corporal who is not known in the military circle. Prior to the promotion Badjie had not gone through officer training. Badjie, who migrated to the Gambia from Southern Senegal’s Casamance province, was promoted purely for being a Jola who is ever ready to commit atrocities for Yahya Jammeh. He sees the outgoing President as his God Father.


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