Please Sue Dida Halake


You spent the last day of 2016 at your computer THREATENING to sue everyone!

Please SUE me! Sue Dida Halake! A few points (since you have been a businessman out of legal practice for 22 years):-

  1. Any letter your lawyer sends to Dida Halake c/o Kairo News will, I will accept in court, be deemed to be properly served – provided your lawyer can be traced through the Law Society Register here in the UK… I do not want a letter from a ghost untraceable Panama Lawyer.

  2. Please ensure that your letter is a properly pleaded and detailed Pre-Action Protocol Letter (NOT A RANTING “DESIST” THREAT!!!). A detailed and properly pleaded letter which shows you have legal grounds to make a claim will be answered (with a counter-claim if necessary). Rantings that disclose no known legal infringement will not be answered (remember your “sedition” charge against me through the blessed and reluctant IGP Ben Jammeh?)

  3. Please also ensure that at the end of the pre-action protocols (a “must” in UK or costs will be awarded against you) you must issue the standard N1 Part 7 Claim Form. This is not Yahya Jammeh’s Gambia where secret court judgements are given. Should you get an ex-parte middle of the night judgement, I will use this post as evidence and obtain a Set-Aside Order.

  4. Once you send me your N1 Claim form, I shall send you and the court an Acknowledgement of Service within 21 days.

Happy New Year!



  1. S. Saidykhan

    Thank you Mr. Halake!
    This man is no better than Jammeh, but we’ll put him in his place. Just imagine the arrogance! They made our country unlivable and don’t want us to talk about it. Nonsense!

    • Absolutely right Saidykhan. If he is in fact not the worst. Jammeh does things in the open and Samba does it behind the scenes.


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